Omnipresence—Overcoming Autism, and Living to Create

In my autistic ramparts, I am invincible.

Inside my powerful walls, I am untouchable.

All of my life I’ve existed within an event horizon, where sunlight and darkness can enter, but can never escape.  All of my life, I’ve lived behind my fortifications—unconquerable, unreachable—solitary but never lonesome.


Because of my parents, I absconded from the dark, shadowy prison that autism can be.

Intelligent beyond their condensed education, my parents possessed a love that reached out to me in my cold place and provided a warmth that sustained me—touched me.

Through the kindness and love of my parents I was able to comprehend life in its kindest expression.  Even though I retained the cold and the hardness of my prison, I morphed into a semblance of animation that I could not have attained without their shelter and care.

Their compassion saved me, although they weren’t able to free me completely from oblivion.

Halfway between abysmal emptiness and paradise, I have lived a life void of emotion, except in its highest, purest manifestation.


Truth, honor, the quest for perfection—these are the pillars of my existence.

Honest emotions, the bravery to seek out the ancient wisdom of my Forefathers, a voracious appetite for the tantalizing corpulence of Life—these are the remunerations of my Family legacy.

All of my life I’ve needed nothing—no one.

Such an existence left me absent of pretense and void of earthly ambition.

A Trojan archetype in the core of my nothingness; an Etruscan artist in the intensity of my virtuousness; a Roman Lawgiver in the temple of my heart—I walked alone and shook the earth with my rage.


Everything changed when I married.

After my divorce, and Mom’s death, the big house appeared much bigger… empty.  For the first time I felt lonely.

I always liked to be alone.  Now, being alone is agony.

I am not the man I used to be.

I am lonely.

If it wasn’t for Rene, I would have no one in my life.

Many would say that it’s a good thing for me to crave human contact.  They would say that my loneliness proves that I am human.

I suppose they’re right.

And yet… I’m alone even when surrounded by the world.

I need to be everywhere, instantly in my mind.

I cannot perceive surroundings as others can.

I live in an event horizon.

My past is in Rome, my mind and body are in the heartland of the United States, my heart is in Dixie Land, my future is out west, and my soul is in heaven.

I refuse to be anywhere—I choose to be everywhere—and if this continues, I will die nowhere.


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Self-Hate—People who hate the USA, Yet Reap its Blessings

In the history of our Republic many have benefited from the United States of America.

Yet, I am sickened by those who voice pure hatred for our Republic, rather than also giving thanks for its abundant blessings.

I, for one, have never claimed our Republic is/was perfect—no culture, no country is, or has been, faultless.

Opinions do not bother me, neither does criticism and condemnation for wrongs committed—not alleged, but actually committed.

What does bother me is hypocrisy and pretense.


If a Citizen denounces our Republic, gives up their Citizenship and forfeits all benefits provided to them by the United States, then, I am far more willing to listen to such opinions and condemnations.

What I despise is these misinformed Citizens—many well to do, and reeking of the blessings provided to them by our Republic—who come forward and use their celebrity and fortune to self-hate and judge the United States, using distorted facts and inflated claims as to the illegitimacy of our country.

If their revulsion for our country is genuine, why are they still here?  There are other lands and countries they can live in.

No.  They stay here and take the blessing provided to them by the United States, a country created by brave—and better—people then they, and then attack it.


I’ve had my fill of these Hollywood types and leftist fanatics who live under the umbrella of the greatest country in the modern history of the world, harvest its treasures, and then puke hate and spreads lies about it.

Their hypocrisy and ignorance is twisted, sick, and perverted.

The Crow Creek Massacre, the Jamestown Massacre, the Paspahegh Massacre—these, and many others—were horrific acts against humanity and should be condemned.

But make no mistake: at the advent of white settlers landing on North America’s shores, there were no pure, rightful natives to be found in this land.

This was not the country, nor even the land, of those people who resided here when Jamestown and Plymouth Plantation were established.

The so-called natives who existed in North America when the Pilgrims landed here were not native to the land.

The erroneously classified “native” people who lived across the North American continent have been scientifically proven to have migrated here from Asia, even having a common DNA link to Siberian origins.

The people living here during their migration is unknown.

Moreover, it was a harsh world—as today’s modern world is—and massacres occurred.

In fact, The Crow Creek massacre occurred around 1325, long before white settlers from Spain or England arrived in North America.

As history progressed, in the modern age many massacres were executed by Mexicans as well.  And not all the massacres that occurred were against the American Indians, many were against white European Settlers.

Where is the rebuke and denunciation regarding massacres executed by others besides the United States?

I am a voice in support of the Republic of the United States of America.

For all the wrongs committed under the Flag of our country, far better has been done in its name.

This is proven by the innumerous examples of its benevolence, including the millions who have risked life and limb to gain USA citizenship, and the health and pecuniary advantage of its Citizen detractors.



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New War Toys—How Hezbollah Came into Possession of US Weapons

Where—better yet—how did Hezbollah come about their new military toys?

I have my suspicions.

My suspicions derive from the reasons Hezbollah had for entering the Syrian War.

Was the clearest reason for entering the conflict—to stop the advancing Sunni insurgency in Syria—the full scope of their strategy?

I suppose it doesn’t matter—they have the US materials of war.

Hezbollah is not the kind of organization that collects war toys. They have displayed a penchant for using them.

Ask Daesh.


The dangers of the US entering the Syrian War were many.

The hazards became worse when the US began introducing weapons to supply the rebels supposedly fighting the Syrian Government and then Daesh.

The logistics were nightmare—war is a messy business—and from the outset, the fear was that the weapons would fall into the hands of jihadists.

The shipments flowed through a series of clandestine bases in Turkey and Jordan—the usual places. The network was organized more on convenience, than on necessity. Such an inferior structure and preparation opened the door for opportunity.

To stop a Sunni advance and takeover of Syria left Hezbollah with little choice but to enter the conflict. New periphery opportunities made such an involvement downright expedient, even profitable.

One has only to view the reports and images of Hezbollah’s new arsenal to conclude the obvious.

Hezbollah made use of the Syrian Conflict to, not only assist the Syrian Government and Iran to inflict great causality on Daesh—Russia had not yet officially entered the engagement—but to utilize the foolishness of the US plan to interject weapons into a warzone without proper military safeguards.

Hezbollah came into possession of US weaponry in the same way Daesh did—through acquisition by force.

While it is easy to look in hindsight and judge the disaster that is the US involvement in the Syrian War, this is not the nature or the purpose of this blog.

This is a blog designed to study, instruct, and understand.

Thus, the question asked by the US Administration should not have been whether to enter or not enter the Syrian War.

Rather it should have been, who exactly are the rebels and how best can we secure our war materials?

To say that the United States’ involvement in the Syrian War has strengthened the King of the North is an understatement.

To know what Hezbollah intends to do with their war toys is not difficult to calculate.

Neither is their target in doubt.

All that remains now to ask is when.




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Citizen President—Donald Trump’s Presidency is Our Best Chance to Save Our Future

Take a good long look.

Here are the leftists I have witnessed my whole life.

They’re so peace loving and so damn kindhearted—unless you disagree with them, or worse: vote against them.  Then, they will reveal their true colors.

They tell you to “grow up” and quite calling people names.  But if you vote against the insanity they promote, they will turn around and do worse than call you names—they will seek to destroy you.

They call Trump a misogynist, then go on stage and talk disparagingly against women (Clinton allowed Jay Z to campaign for her); they say Trump is not fit to be president because he calls people names, then their presidential candidate has the indecency to call Trump supporters “Deplorables;” they call Trump a racist, even as the current president has said and done far more odious things—racist things—than Trump ever has.

When the current president won in 2008 and 2012, I was sickened, hurt, even angry.

But I went about my business and supported our country, no matter how foolish I felt we were to elect a president with virtually no experience and no qualifications.

The leftist I speak of are not visible, refusing to show themselves.

Rather, they are the brains and the orchestrators behind the numerous protests occurring throughout our country.

They are the orchestrators and puppet masters who organized the violent protesters and disrupters at Trump and Sanders rallies.

Protesting is part of the framework of a functioning Republic.

Possessing the ability to voice your issues is a powerful way to express your Citizenship.

As long as you’re a US Citizen.

But even if you are.  If US Citizens are protesting against our country’s ability to secure our borders and enforce our laws for proper immigration to take place, then they are protesting our country’s judicial statutes and rulings, and are in support of mobocracy and illegal aliens’ rights over the rights and aids our government is obligated to provide to US Citizens.

If they are protesting the ability of our country to deport those individuals who willingly and openly break our laws, they wish to deteriorate our country into a cosmopolitan, multiculturalist, non-culture territory wherein borders are eliminated, entitlements are extended to all, regardless of citizenship, and all cultural value is abolished.

Culture Extermination—Leftist Seek to Destroy USA Culture in Their Quest for Power

If the desire for lawlessness is the objective of these professional protesters, then they are no longer protesting—they are instigating a mob.



We are a nation who was strong once—we’re not so strong now.

We are $21, 000, 000, 000, 000 in debt; our culture has eroded; our economy is dying.

However, we are strong enough to survive the many lethal issues we are faced with today.  That is a tribute to the generations who came before us and allowed us the luxury to make some mistakes and still survive.



We are running out of the comfort of time.

We cannot make any more mistakes if our Republic is to survive.

Electing Trump is only the first step toward a better future for our posterity.

Trump is qualified.

He comes from the cloth of our country’s industry and commerce.

He is infinitely more qualified than nearly every president before him in one area—he is not a lifer politician.

He is a worker, a successful businessman, an “outsider.”

He is us, billionaire and all.

Trump is a Citizen President.

Imperfect and flawed, he will fulfill his obligations as president as we—the US Citizens—would.

He—we—cannot fail.



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Of the Republic—How I have come to the Decision on how I will Vote in this Election

I am an author.

A word craftsman—for better or worse—I forge the image of my existence upon the written word.

Consequently, I am a marketer (I’m awful peddling my products) and must discover the path to profit and livelihood to support my craft and passion.

As an author, I would be best served to peddle my product and avoid making waves and ruffling feathers.

But, I am more than an author.

I am a lover and a voice in support and upkeep of the Republic of the United States of America.

My love for our country—our Republic—supersedes my love of profit and professional success.

So here I sit, penning another blog that may upset and anger certain people, to voice my judgement as to the direction my country should take and the vision that should be employed to reach that goal.

2898686447_29a1d676e5_zAfter seeing the results of the past thirty years, and observing the consequences resulting from the actions of the politicians who have led us to this point in history, I am inclined to remain independent in my political affiliations and my ideology.

While I will admit that I lean toward the GOP, it is only because the GOP adheres closer to my beliefs than does the Democratic Party.

Nonetheless, my view is one of nonpartisanship.

I’ve never voted “straight ticket,” in fact years ago I voted for Bill Clinton.  I did so as a matter of principle—Bush “41” lied to me.  He told me to “read his lips: no new taxes” and then he went ahead and raised my taxes.


I do not hate liberals, and often find myself seeking to communicate with them in the battlefield of political belief and the clash of ideas.

I seek “common ground” in my decision making, voting, and my progression as a Citizen of this once great Republic.

You see, I no longer see our Republic—a Republic that has bestowed upon me, a third generation son of a Latin immigrant from Spain/Italy, everything that I have, and all that I am—as a great and powerful country.

From what I read in history books and how I perceive greatness, our Republic is weak and has declined greatly from the vision I recall as my youth, and the powerful nation I read about in history books and see in documentaries from yesteryear.

Moreover, I don’t need those sources to deduce—logically and precisely—that our Republic is weakened.  All I need do is look at the “real-time” debt clock, zipping along toward $21, 000, 000, 000, 000, see our dilapidated military, and observe the influx of third world immigrants flooding across our unsecured borders and being granted asylum (or whatever you want to say they’re being given), to see that our country cannot possibly sustain any one of these devastations and survive.

Our Republic is being confronted by all of the above.

And countless other maladies.

Our culture is being savagely ripped apart and destroyed by “lifer” corrupt politicians who care not for our cultural foundation and only seek their political gain and elevation.


It is through the employment of commonsensical, rational thought that I am led to believe that our beloved Republic must seek change, while the opportunity still exists to arrest and correct the wrong course our country’s been taken, before it is too late to save what remains of our culture.

Whether it be local politics, state politics, or national politics—all are critical to maintaining the health and wellbeing of the Republic.

We—the US Citizens of the Republic—must be involved, and become knowledgeable in the political process.

Read up on the issues, make calls and check profiles regarding the candidates.  We must all do our part if we are to elect our leaders smartly.

The future of our Republic depends on us.


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Scandalabra—More Offensive, Perverted Scandals from the Clinton Political Machine

More indignity oozing from out of the Clinton scandalous presidential campaign.

There is so much offensiveness coming out of the Clinton machine, it seems like a day isn’t complete without more unpleasantness seeping out that the US Voter has to shovel through.

The latest scandal—so many in recent days that they are difficult to catalogue and keep up with—is the disreputable manner in which Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, handled her journalistic duties when she was at CNN.

CNN released a statement that summed it up:

“CNN never gave Brazile access to any questions, prep material, attendee list, background information or meetings in advance of a town hall or debate. We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor,” said a network spokesperson in a statement.

CNN Severs Ties With Donna Brazile After Learning Debate Questions Were Provided to Clinton


Sordid.  Twisted.

This Brazile creature is a typical Clinton connection.

So is Abedin.

So is Weiner.

Such perverts (political and sexual, or both) are the kind of riffraff Clinton likes to surround herself with.

Brazile’s devious behavior—getting access to debate questions and passing them to Clinton beforehand—is usual conduct and typical degenerate indecency by a Clinton machine that cares not who or what it crushes under its ugly train of destruction—as long as the political reward is satisfactory to their sleazy objectives.

Not only does she have questionable judgment, but the Clintons have had a propensity to crawl around in the waste and sewage of DC’s cesspool for 3 decades.

Enough is enough.

The Clintons are dirty—pure and simple.

Brazile’s behavior; Weiner sexting explicit images to a fifteen-year-old minor; Clinton lying to Congress and the FBI—this is the normal, everyday conduct of a depraved political sadist slinking through the ordure and waste of DC’s lowest stink hole.


This is the image of a lifer politician who has done the most wanton, corrupt things to remain in power, irrespective to the cost.

And the Republic of the United States of America has paid the high cost for such a revolting creature hanging on to power for over forty years, and now seeking the highest office of our land.

We need real change for once, or the Clinton sewage machine will finish the destruction of our USA culture that this illegal president has taken to a dreadful low.



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Media Deviants—Another Example of Yahoo Media Bias and Pseudo-Journalism

Well, a typical Saturday at Yahoo.

With another series of Clinton scandals inundating our voter cognizance in an avalanche of sleaze, perversion, and criminal misconduct that numbs the intellect of even the guiltiest conscious in a prison cell, does Yahoo report on it?

Aside from a few stories littering (pun intended) their garbage bin of pseudo-journalistic twaddle, their site is absent of any Clinton reporting.

Who are they reporting on, then, you ask?

Trump, of course.

Then, these sleaze pseudo-journalists have the nerve to wonder why the whole damn world despises them and does not trust or believe anything they report.

It’s Trump vitriol this and Trump hates women that (even though the Clinton sleaze machine trashed women by the trainload throughout their ugly, filth, lifer politician careers.

Abusing women, making millions with the Bill and Hillary Clinton Inc. phony foundation, and trashing through our liberties by attacking our 2nd Amendment and fighting for her “illegals” fraud voter bloc, etc., are just some of the infinite Clinton political staples that leave even the most perverted porn star and habitual criminal in desperate need of a bath and a long string of STI/STD shots.


Yet, to the pseudo-journalist hacks that pervade yahoo’s scribbler register, they’ll spill ink all day extolling the Clintons—even promoting them as women’s champion—and break their pervert pen attacking Trump for breathing.

There’s a story breaking regarding the FBI and Clinton’s emails (a reopening of the case, or call it whatever you will), another landslide of stories regarding Clinton’s “bad judgment” and long list of corruptions, and the Yahoo hacks refuse to report any of it.





Oh, and lest we forget, all of the above goes for CNN, AP, and all the other news conglomerates that compromise the USA Pravda, leftist propaganda, pseudo-journalistic network of media deviants.

These ostensible, pretentious, deceiving, phony television, radio, and ink media correspondents are complicit with the DC cesspit of political decadence and horrific negligence.

These rotten media reprobates are aligned with the DC establishment at every turn and hate Trump merely because he is an “outsider” who will disrupt their “cushy” position at the obsequious bottom of the stink pile of garbage that began one hundred and fifty years ago, and has now buried our beloved Republic.

Befitting a sluggard, the modern leftist pseudo-journalist—the likes of a yahoo, CNN, AP, NBC, CBS, ABC correspondent—is a detestable creature who, rather than employ the exemplary principles of investigative journalism of yesteryear, relies on the most despicable methods to come up with their counterfeit journalism.

In the meanwhile, the US Voter, struggling with the all-important decision on who will be their next president, is not furnished the common decency of any factual reporting.  Rather, they must filter through the lies and distortion fed up by these miscreants.

At a time when our Republic needed them the most—to report in a fair and balanced manner, concerning BOTH candidates—these media fabricators and deceivers let the US Citizens down.

If Trump were the candidate being investigated (twice) by the FBI, be assured that the entire yahoo site would crash under the weight of the raw media sewage of pseudo-journalism that would pulverize the internet in its wake and aftermath.


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The Dardanelles—Turkey’s Subtle Conquest of Territory, In the Name of Peace

Because of the level of incompetence by this US president, the four headed leopard beast has been able to move and consolidate his forthcoming empire with virtual impunity.

Turkey is one of the four heads of the leopard beast Daniel the Prophet saw in his night visions.  (Daniel Chapter 7)

Turkey’s part in Christian Eschatology is not well-defined until one studies a globe and evaluates its ancient role through the ages.

Unlike the King of the North and the King of the South, Turkey does not have a title within the prophetic developments, nevertheless, their geostrategic significance cannot be argued.

The Hellespont was site of the big horn’s grand entrance into Asia Minor in antiquity.  Accordingly—in the tribulation—the trail of the perdition of the little horn will duplicate the big horn’s trail of long ago.

In the Christian eschatological scenarios calculated in the Bible, Turkey is the x factor.  Much like their global effect in earthly physical history, Turkey’s impact in the spiritual realm of prophecy is multifaceted and extensive.

Using complex strategy—in the name of peace—Turkey has advanced into two sovereign countries and acquired significant amounts of territory.

The complexity of its advances can bewilder many and cause Turkey’s prominence to be misjudged.

This would be an error of immense magnitude.


Suffice to say, the King of the North will not be so foolish.

As in the big horn’s conquering rampage, the little horn’s path of dominant global subjugation will not allow Turkey to resist his advances for a significant length of time.

In the tribulation Turkey will fall quickly.

Turkey’s strategic importance leaves a conqueror of the 4 heads of the leopard beast, and the next King of Babylon, no strategic alternative but to seize the territory.  Bordering 8 countries, Turkey’s strategic placement is evident in every single contemporary military excursion made into the Middle East and Asia.  Syria and Iraq sit on its southern border; Iran, Armenia, and the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan extend to the east; a vitally important Georgia, giving a conqueror access to Russia, as the prophecies forecast, draws out to the northeast; Bulgaria pushes out to the northwest; and, of course, the most important and dangerous region, Greece, outspreads to the west.

Turkey’s strategic advantages increase when viewing its water access—the Black Sea is directly to the north, the Mediterranean Sea is directly to the south, and the Aegean Sea opens up to the west.

It is the Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmara, and the Bosphorus, establishing the Turkish Straits, which define the boundary between Thrace and Anatolia.  Even more, they divide Europe and Asia.

Consider the innumerous times the United States has requested Turkey’s permission to use their land or airspace while on mission and comprehension of the enormous strategic value Turkey has on the region becomes clear.

In fact, it is Turkey’s strategic placement, much like the king of the south’s strategic location, which draws an aggressor toward its borders.  Unfortunately, for Turkey, they do not have the space the King of the South has to mount a defense against the King of the North.  This leaves them at an enormous disadvantage when invaded.

In the tribulation, when the little horn’s fierceness crosses into the Dardanelles and subsequently enters into the Anatolia peninsula, it will be too late for anyone on earth to do anything about it.

At that moment, the little horn will be invincible.

Only the Almighty will be able to stop him.


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Creative Nothingness—My Faith, the Higgs Boson, and My Garden in Eternity

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

2 For by it the elders obtained a good report.

3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

—Hebrews 11

I needed substantiation of the Higgs Boson to trust in its existence.

Faith is comparable to that.

Creation from void and without form.

Faith is the substance and the evidence of our dreams.

It requires evidence and proof.

This is the failed understanding of faith and the spiritual walk.  Many believe that faith is blind and requires no verification or factual support.

Not so.

In the spiritual Life, faith necessitates proof.

Faith must corroborate itself if it is exercised correctly.

Concerning the Higgs Boson, a small amount of substance fashioned and wrought from nothing.

I suppose it is in the meaning of small where the consequence is incomprehensible.

An insignificant amount of uranium 235, unleashed in a fission reaction, makes us reassess our idea of small, and the power the elemental substances around us are capable of yielding.


I lost everything I had in 2010—I have nothing left of my past life.

I miss what I had when my life was under the bright sun.  Not many men have the chance to hold such a valuable spirit as I once held in my life.

Today, in the nothingness of my existence, every day I must create the materials that I need to live.

In the wood and brush of the garden, I fashion my particle collider.  The earth captures the Boson and from nothing a spark makes all things live.

In the ferocious light and organic soil, cultivation takes place.

In Arimathaea—the living garden that sits at the heart of my soul—I see her, the breeze from the lake moving her hair and giving tranquility to her eyes.

She passes her vision over me, as if seeing me for the first time, yet with an ancient familiarity that consoles me.

At last, she reaches out and touches me, her embrace healing my hurt.

In the summer brightness, she stands before the weeping cherry and I feel close to her.  When she calls to me, I am eager to respond.

I call back to her, but she’s not able to answer my entreaties.

Then, without even a whisper, she’s gone.

I stand alone in the garden, with only a memory of the exquisiteness that once was.


I esteemed her loveliness.

It’s been six years since she left me and I still seek the refinement and elegance she embodied.  A life untouched by mortality or illness, hers was a feminine energy adorned with delight, happiness, and harmony.

I will not rest until my inspiration becomes truth, until I can hold such beauty again.

Every night, for the past six years, the last thing I do, after I brush my teeth and wish Rene goodnight, is think about the radiance and glory that I lost, and how I will recover her.

After the torment and agony, I finally fall asleep.

Every night.

Cut me and I’ll bleed.  But no matter how savage and ruthless the cut, I have faith I won’t die.

Eventually the bleeding stops and I live.

Losing everything changed all that.  The sorrow of losing such greatness cut me so profoundly that I haven’t stopped hemorrhaging.

Higgs Boson

Higgs Boson

Death comes for all—let it come for me some day.

It may get my body—but it will never extinguish my soul.

I will contest for every breath, as she did.

Ultimately, I will die as she did, but it is of no importance.

Death will never defeat such everlasting splendor.

I have faith that in Arimathaea I will see her again… and hold her forever.


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