Yellow Journalism—Yahoo’s Rapid Decline and Their Gutter Legacy

In 2007, the previous president made extensive use of yahoo’s cyber influence, contracting paid trolls to post bogus comments on its site, as well as colluding with the news conglomerate in falsifying and manipulating news cycles to fit the campaign message and promote the leftist agenda.


The strategy worked, allowing an incompetent, USA-hating pettifogger to assume the presidency, and then get re-elected in 2012.


Anyone with a clear vantage point could not deny that yahoo played a consequential, vital part in the 2008 US Presidential Election, and a supporting role in the 2012 election.


Since then, yahoo’s leftist smear tactics, and manufactured indoctrination fake news platform has waned, but not by its own putrid acts of mendacious pseudo-journalism practices that spurned appropriate and carefully vetted investigative inquiry.


Yahoo’s meteoric fall has come because of the response of organized efforts to expose it for its clear leftist agenda reporting, as well as its tabloid-centered content stream.


Since 2008, yahoo has declined in market appraisal from $44.6 billion, to around $5 billion.


Yet, despite its market cap collapse, yahoo still retains the “bones” to cause issue and difficulty to anyone, regardless of status or position.


The FBI citing a yahoo article to substantiate a warrant request is appalling, and highlights yahoo’s substantial influence in the political arena, as well as their prominence to collude with corrupt officials against the US Citizens’ best interests.


I have fought a long-standing war against yahoo, and their lewd and indecent pseudo-journalism.


I will not put an end to this conflict until yahoo is destroyed and their obscene legacy is removed from our consciousness.


Even in their economically disastrous condition, yahoo is a dangerous force.  Their abhorrence for our culture and our country makes them enemies of our Republic.


Yet, my indignation is much lower for yahoo, in contrast to my rage toward the FBI.


The secret societies within the FBI, and perhaps in other branches of our government, are the enforcers of yahoo’s disgusting program of leftist hate.  They form the conduit through which such cultural antipathy can inflict deadly force upon the well-being of our liberty.


Not only did the FBI fail to execute their lawful obligations, they conspired with yahoo to circumvent our judicial practice and—even more reprehensible—influence our presidential election.


The FBI dared to suppose they are the choosers of our presidents.  Worse yet, they didn’t even have the aptitude, or the enterprise, to do their own damn research.


Since we have learned that the FBI is the “hired gun” of the DNC—ultimately the leftist-faction—where does yahoo fit into the revolting scheme?


Evidently, they are the investigator and the source of a soiled and foul network of “anonymous sources” and accomplices whose singular objective is to undermine and remove the rightfully sitting president elected by the US Voters.


For this reason, I remain vigilant against yahoo and its vast organization of leftist-agenda-spewing, USA-hating media, political, and police dynamisms.


As for the FBI, I question their need anymore.


Perhaps it’s best to reconstitute its guts and hierarchy, and create a new law-enforcement agency that would not be so radically politicized.


If we fail to do something about the FBI corruption that is staring us in the face, we will never be certain if we have removed the cancerous tissue that has inflicted and metastasized all across its body.


Time is of the essence.


Or else, one day soon, a more corrupt system of law-enforcement may approach yahoo’s bankrupt headquarters and appeal to Verizon’s Corporate investors, and just pin badges on them.


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Government Shutdown—$1 Versus Dirty Politicians, Democrats, and DACA

Would there still be a government shutdown if the DC politicians’ paychecks were at stake?


Before answering, it’s important to identify who the DC politicians are.


Merriam-Webster defines clearly.

1: a person experienced in the art or science of government; especially: one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government

2 a: a person engaged in party politics as a profession

often disparaging  : a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons


When I reference the DC politicians, I rarely can look at a lifer politician in the first category.


Lifer politician describes someone who either can’t get things done and needs to keep fighting for a cause to mask his ineptitude.


Or, someone who is holding on to a “gravy train” and approaches government service as a source of income and benefit, rather than the manner in which government service was originally created to be by the Founders.


Case in point: The US employees number 2, 711, 000.


The Bureau of Labor informs us that government employees in the United States government outnumber private sector manufacturing employees by 9,932,000.


No one even knows how many federal agencies exist.


And of all the nearly three million government employees who will not suffer or have their pay suspended are the DC politicians who created this mess.


Poor kids, military personnel and veterans, security guards, and many other low-wage federal contractors will suffer.


All the while the DC politicians will collect their money.


Think about it.


Government shutdown means the legislative and executive branch of our government could not agree and pass a bill to fund the controlling edifices of OUR government.


Yet—even though they failed—the politicians will still make their money.


How many jobs have you had, where if you fail, you get paid?


If you or I fail in our jobs consequences will drastically impact our lives.


Not in DC.


And for what?  What is the underlining reason for the democrats to oppose this funding bill?


The reason for any politician to desire to go to DC is to serve his constituency.  His constituency is not just local, nor his district.


In his service in DC, his constituency is the US population as a whole.


This fight the democrats are involved in is not to curb a rising CPI, or to help the underprivileged, or even to help our military soldiers and veterans.


No, none of the above honorable causes are motivating the democrats to lead us to a government shutdown.


In fact, the reason the democrats are fighting for a government shutdown has NOTHING to do with our country at all.


DACA is not a cause that benefits the United States Citizens—the very people these DC politicians are supposed to be representing.  DACA hurts not only US Citizens, but ALL the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who came to the United States by following the rules and laws of our country.


DACA was still another “kick the can down the road” half-backed, undigested, Band-Aid pseudo-measure by the previous president that solved nothing and created a bigger mess than what originally existed.


According to a CNN poll, more than 60% of Americans believe that approving the budget agreement is more important than continuing the DACA program.


I’m not much into polls, nor do I place much stock in them.


However, the leftists are always spouting off about their damn polls.  Well, here’s one time they are keeping silent about a poll they don’t like the results of.


The obvious reason the democrats are fighting for the illegal aliens protected by the half-measure DACA program is because the Democratic Party is losing its power across a vast amount of the political landscape.  They are convinced that if they fight for the illegals, and make way for their unlawful entry into citizenship, that the illegals will repay them with their vote when they become citizens.


Say nothing about the fact that more and more illegals are voting in US elections.  Moreover, the democrats are fighting to, not only bring these illegals into citizenship, but bring many more via “chain illegal migration.”


President Trump receives a $1 salary.  He forwent his customary presidential salary and donated it to worthy causes.


This leaves only two political groups seeking to gain from the 2018 government shutdown.


The dirty politicians and the democrats.


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Presidential Bombshell—A Carefully Orchestrated Strategy

A Bombshell book?


On the one hand, tabloid gossip Wolff says that Trump didn’t even want to be president.


Wait for it…


Then, on the other hand, he claims that Candidate Trump was so desperate (his filth word) to be president that he colluded with the Russians.


The leftist trash will never get how smart our President is, so I think it’s time for some of us to start explaining it to them.


Trump made the bombshell for the filth book by sending “cease and desist” lawyers’ letters to the publisher.  All the while—he so wanted the filth Wolff book to explode onto the scene, as it now has.


It was another perfectly constructed maneuver by the president to continue his fight against a duplicitous media that bases its every move on its hatred for our president, our culture, even our Country.


President Trump knew the publisher, and the filth media, would take the bait and market the hell out of the poorly executed expose book.


President Trump has always known that publicity is the perfect storm in which he can best operate.  It is the reason for his, often controversial, tweet storms.


It’s his style.


Now that the book is released, he will attack and destroy the entire credibility of the author and the lies he wrote in his book, gain exposure to highlight the investigation into the Clinton “pay for play” scandal, that Attorney General Sessions announced will be taking place, and allow him the full spotlight to—once and for all—destroy the filth leftist faction’s phony claim that he colluded with the Russians and reveal that it was the leftist faction, all along, who was the colluder.


Hell, it was the DNC—completely controlled by the leftist faction—who admitted to an entire “rigged” election and threw Bernie Sanders under the train.  This was from the horse’s own mouth—former DNC Chairperson Donna Brazile.


In the end, the publisher and the author will make their dirty cash, at the expense of our country, but President Trump will have the full platform of presidency to launch his own “living” book and prove his claims, investigate and charge the Clinton Foundation, and destroy the credibility of a tabloid author who believes he is more than he is, and a greedy publisher who will print anything, as long as they have the ink.


Let the games begin.–abc-news-topstories.html


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“Insurance Policy”—The Illegal Plot of the Leftist Faction to Elect the President of the United States

These are dangerous times in our Country.


Things have been brewing for some time and there appears to be no end in sight.


According to some in the internet, there is some question as to the choice of words Jesse Watters used—specifically one—and whether it was appropriate.


“Coup” is the appropriate word.


An FBI agent doesn’t flash a badge and decide who our next president will be.


The FBI declares that employees are able to express their own personal opinions, outside of their job descriptions, and are maintain that they are still able to conduct a impartial investigation.


That is not what the facts show.


These texts weren’t opinion rhetoric—a US Citizen expressing their political point of view to another US Citizen.  No.  These were text messages placing themselves within a conceived plot to damage a presidential candidate and prevent said candidate from being elected.


In his texts, Strzok referred to himself as an “insurance policy.”


He further named the outcome he was an insurance policy for.


He declared himself an insurance policy to prevent Candidate Trump from becoming President Trump.


In a court of law, that is quantified as “Intent to commit.”


He texted: “We can’t let that happen.” (Candidate Trump from becoming President Trump)


He texted: “I’m riled up.  I can’t pull away.”


First of all, who’s “we”?


In this text, Strzok seems to imply a plot larger than himself, or else he would have worded his text in the singular “I”.  For him to denote “we” clearly suggests there is more at work than just an agent giving his personal opinion.


Furthermore, why did Special Counsel remove Agent Strzok from the Russian Collusion investigation?  Especially considering the gravity and supposed importance of the investigation.


According to all known data, Agent Strzok was a “super-agent”.  Some have even suggested that he was able to conduct a thorough and fair investigation, regardless of his political favoritisms.


Moreover, Strzok was involved in every single major investigation, in the long string of investigations into wrong doing, from Hillary Clinton’s private server investigation—which her law-breaking team succeeded in covering up—to the unfounded Trump-Russia dossier counterintelligence operation.


If he was so involved through all of this, wouldn’t he be a critical piece of the investigation now?  Yet, Mueller removed him in the middle of the ongoing investigation that has carried on for nearly a year.


I find that extremely odd and inconsistent with the model of a well-run investigation.


Several agents asserted that Mueller had removed Strzok to protect the integrity of the special counsel’s Russia investigation.


If Agent Strzok was a high-quality, honest agent, why would his removal protect the integrity of the investigation?  It would stand to reason that removing a quality agent from an investigation would lessen its effectiveness and damage its integrity.


Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) suggested in a hearing with FBI Director Chris Wray that Strzok is up to his eyeballs in the illegal Spygate Conspiracy against the Trump Campaign.


“Here’s what I think Director Wray.  I think Peter Strzok, head of counter intelligence at the FBI, Peter Strzok the guy who ran the Clinton investigation and did all the interviews, Peter Strzok, the guy who was running the Russia investigation at the FBI, Peter Strzok, Mr. ‘Super Agent’ at the FBI, I think he’s the guy who took the application to the FISA court…and if that happened…if you have the FBI working with the Democrats’ campaign, taking opposition research, dressing it all up and turning it into an intelligence document and taking it to the FISA court so they can spy on the other campaign…if that happened…that’s as wrong as it gets.”


Representative Jordan paints an ugly, evil picture.


Taken at face value, it is safe to say that Strzok is only one of a unit of leftist hired guns.


Throughout history, it’s always been the leftist faction who has pursued violent measures to fulfill their political agenda.


The leftist faction has incessantly believed their hearts and minds are bigger and smarter than ours.


Therefore, I promote high vigilance and full alert to all Patriots.


The time to stop these law-breakers is now.  This kind of filth will only get bolder if we do not take action against their lawlessness.


Hard choices are before us.


As for me—Libertas Aut Mors is my mantra, and my weapons are the tools to secure my freedom.


I call upon the Patriot Army of the Republic of the United States to rise as one and unite against the leftist faction that seeks to destroy our USA culture.


I am Octavius, a voice of the People of our Country.


I am Publius, a voice that defends our Country from the corrupt government in DC.


Deo vindice


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Slave Trading—The modern Scourge Upon Flesh and Blood

This is shocking—why?


For generations, countless black rulers have failed to assume the role of leader and helped their people achieve even a modicum of civilization.


The African rulers have never been forced to apologize for their part in the slave trade.


The African chieftains are equally to blame for the horrific path forced upon millions of people.


Yet, racist groups like BLM, and NAACP, claim to give two damns for the blacks, and demand that whites apologize and pay reparations for their long-ago sins, when it was their white ancestors who committed the atrocities.


Why aren’t these racists demanding that the blacks apologize and pay reparations for their unholy part in the slave and death of millions?


Up until the early 19th century, perhaps as many as 28 million Africans were sold into slavery.


More than a million died in transit.


The horrible stain in the history of humanity can never be cleaned.


Earthly justice is limited.


Let the Almighty render judgment.


Let His righteousness be visited upon all those who committed these sins.


But what of the slaves of today?


Is this the entrance into the 21st century humanity wishes to make?


Humans being sold, as if they are animals?


Slave merchants roving our existence, making profit by peddling flesh?


This is shameful.


The blame belongs to all of humanity.


Yet, as in all crimes against humanity and civilization, there are those who must accept a greater degree of blame.


In the investigations that must follow, let judgment be shared by all those who directly committed these sins.


Let the investigations be exhaustive and comprehensive, and the verdicts and punishments be unavoidable.


Civilization demands it.


Anything short of this outcome is an embarrassment and a charade.


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Magnificent Journey—The Odyssey of Voyager I and II

After all this time.


Thirty-seven years, to be exact.


And, with a push of a button, a flick of a switch, a set of backup thrusters, not used since 1980, have awakened.


Your thrusters worked perfectly.


Whenever we’ve asked of you, you’ve always delivered.


You—Voyager I and II—are two of the biggest inspirations in my life.  You’ve given me hope, and promised all of us a brighter tomorrow.


Not because of what you’ve achieved, or what you, perhaps, might achieve in the future.  But because of all the things you allow humanity to hope for.


I believe we will one day reach the stars.


I also believe that you will reach them too.  Conceivably, before us.


I know you’re just metal, and a series of components and mechanisms.  But to me, you are so much more.


I wish you safe travels.


I—the Great American Storyteller—bid you Godspeed.


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Wild West and The Nazi Big Lie—The Leftist Faction’s Evil Ploy to Destroy our Laws

In the old Old West—the Wild West—a common theme was for illegal factions to change the meaning of law to fit their needs.  The essential components required were willing participants and accomplices—tinhorns were readily available—and a scheme to frame the basis of their mendacities and distortion.


Repeatedly, the leftist faction has chosen the Wild West method to fashion the fake news they routinely distribute to the USA masses.


Much like the Nazis—a group of criminals who thoroughly studied the felonious systems and devices employed by the American Frontier folk—the leftist factions have resorted to cloaking their dishonest and unreliable posts by clinging to a “Big Lie” premise, regardless of its origin, and fabricating counterfeit journalism and yellow journalism around their propaganda.


It is a sickening—yet tried-and-true—process of propaganda that catapulted Hitler and his gang to power, thereby hoodwinking many and murdering millions.


In this case, it is the “Russian Collusion” Big Lie that is at the heart of the leftist faction’s propaganda ring of con and swindle.


This premise is made more absurd considering the previous president’s inclination to “secretly negotiate” with the Russians on numerous occasions—even being caught on “hot mic” prior to his reelection underhandedly pleading with the Russians to wait until he had more political maneuvering room to satisfy their scheming.


Secretary of State Clinton was made of the same cloth and even had an ugly “reset” –misspellings and all—to demonstration her willingness to surreptitiously negotiate with the Russians on everything from money laundering, to outright selling of our nuclear material to them.


The problem with the Secretary of State, as well as her artificial and devious chief, was that they were not competent enough to hold a candle to the Russian Prime Minister and his highly adroit, chess-playing cabinet, in the art of clandestine political calculation.


The leftist faction of the Huffington Post & Yahoo can post all of the fake news, yellow journalism, and Nazi Big Lies they want—they will never prove that our President colluded with the Russians in a criminal manner.


Here are the facts:


The President NEVER criminally lied to anyone, regarding his Russian dealings.  His Russian collusion considered the best military strategy to destroy Daesh.


He wrote his Russian collusion to destroy Daesh in blood—the blood of the Islamic Terrorists who our military is utterly defeating.


Clinton & Comey and the FBI, however, criminally lied repeatedly.


Flynn did too.


Those are the facts—and they are indisputable.


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Phony Republicans Assault Tax Bill—Fake Flake and the Rest of His Phony Crowd

It appears the phony republicans are, once again, exposing themselves for what they truly are—phony and openly liberal/leftists.


Fake Flake (R-Ariz.), is concerned about how much debt the bill will produce.


Spoken like a true phony republican.


Tax cuts do not cause debt—that’s a leftist agenda talking point lie.


Look back at Reagan’s tax cuts which boomed the economy, and caused so much surplus that even years later, Clinton and Gingrich were able to balance the budget and have a surplus.


The last time our country was able to balance our budget, by the way.


No, the reason fake Flake and the other phony republicans are concerned is because they need to keep massive amounts of OUR TAX MONEY AT THEIR DISPOSAL so they can pay off their latest sexual harassment / rape victims.


Sick, twisted corrupt politicians.  Both damn parties are the same—all political perverts.


“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”


—President Thomas Jefferson


“We don’t have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t taxed enough; we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much.”


—President Ronald Reagan


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Getting Away with Murder—California’s Leftist Faction Agenda Compels Acquittal

To say that I’m outraged is an understatement.


What does an acquittal say about the pit known as San Francisco?


I am so absolutely nauseated by the gruesome verdict that emerged out of California, and denied justice to an innocent US Citizen and her family.


What does an acquittal say about our justice system?


Anyone with a rational mind knows our justice system is broken.  This is not a question about the condition of our justice system—this is a question about the sanity of our minds and the compassion of our hearts.


Kate Steinle was murdered—pure and simple.


The only question should have been as to the length of sentence, and the method and location of punishment.


Anywhere but San Francisco or Chicago—or any of the other sanctuary cities that litter and pollute our land and harbor cultural disease—the illegal alien would have been sentenced and punished accordingly.


Essentially, San Francisco’s verdict says that an illegal alien can murder one of our innocent Citizens and get away with it.


I, for one, have reached my limit.


Something must be done about these scumbag leftists who continue to take us lower and lower into the perversions—political and social—that they so desperately crave.


I am a man of Liberty.


That does not mean I condone murder as an expression of Freedom.


I find myself going into areas of thought I have never contemplated before.


How best to solve the problem of leftist factions?


While Madison succinctly argued the dangers of attempting to remove the causes of faction, in Federalist 10, deeming such efforts as a “cure worse than the disease itself” nonetheless, I am questioning the soundness of such brilliance.


Evidently Madison did too, and went on to investigate the boundaries of his logic.


If a faction consists of less than a majority, relief is supplied by the republican principle, which enables the majority to defeat its sinister views by regular vote. It may clog the administration, it may convulse the society; but it will be unable to execute and mask its violence under the forms of the Constitution. When a majority is included in a faction, the form of popular government, on the other hand, enables it to sacrifice to its ruling passion or interest both the public good and the rights of other citizens.


California’s leftist faction does not have the national majority.  The issue is the size of the ideological tumor.  In the case of California’s leftist faction—as well as the leftist factions which have metastasized across the cultural flesh of our Republic—their numbers are vast.


How best to cut out a malignant tumor?


Ask a cancer specialist and they will paint you a graphic picture.


Cut it all out—thoroughly and without disinclination—even if some of the healthy tissue is lost.


It is best to remove the evil, rather than tolerate its existence, thereby allowing it to become more dangerous in the future.


Obviously, our Republic is far beyond that stage.


Our culture is stricken with stage four cancer.  The leftist faction’s evil has spread to all of the major vital organs and our survival is being questioned.


This cannot continue if the Republic of the United States is to endure.


There is no better time than now to excise the tormented tissue, before further death occurs.


To delay such proven methods of recovery will increase the odds of our ultimate cultural death.


The time is upon us to remove the sheaths and operate with the meticulousness and exactness of a surgeon.


Our culture’s Liberty —and our Republic—is on the bed of death.


We can choose to take the necessary and humane efforts to save it.


Or we can let it die.


Publius: Libertas Aut Mors


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The Barrel of a Gun—How the Leftists Acquire and Maintain Power

Here come the fear-mongers, the prevaricators, and the fake news yellow journalists.


Our current tax system is broken.


The current federal income tax code, tax regulations, and explanations are unnecessarily complex and loaded with numerous deductions, exemptions, credits, preferential rates, and other loopholes that hurt our economy.


While there is a wide array of viewpoints on how best to fix our broken tax system, to get an accurate view, it is important to look at the existing tax system in the aggregate.


Overall, including the income, payroll, corporate and estate taxes, the lowest quintile paid 3.1 %, and the top 1 percent paid in the neighborhood of 35% of their expanded cash income.


Because huge amounts of money are involved, it will not be easy to change the existing tax laws.  Moreover, the demographics involved—public and private—have reasons why they have kept the current broken tax code in place all of these years.


In the end, after much quarrelling, because of the difficulty of crafting a solution, we will stay with the present tax code, at least for the time being.


The biggest problem regarding our broken tax code and working toward an equitable tax solution, is the yellow journalist and the fake news outlets who throw out lies and distort facts on a daily basis.


It is noticeable that whenever these fake news whoosh specialists throw out their lies and distortion, they never offer a viable solution in their pieces.  Most of the time, they don’t even offer a shred of truth and fact to substantiate their claims.


I hate taxes.


Out of all the dangers to our liberty, I believe the heavy tax burden inflicted upon the US Citizens by our corrupt politicians in DC is the most threatening.


It is bullying in its purest, evil form.


It is thievery at the end of the barrel of a gun.


In fact, it is straight out of the Mao Zedong playbook.  Zedong made clear to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China that all things grow out of the barrel of a gun, including political power.


Zedong believed—as all Marxist-Leninist-Maoists believe—that in order to acquire political power, armed combat is necessary.


There is too much money on the line.


With congressional perverts disbursing over $17, 000, 000 of our tax money to pay off the sexual victims of their revolting, nasty deviances, and using our tax money to fund their political corruptions and power play campaigns, the current DC politicians are too damn spoiled and rich with our money to give a damn about the latest revelations exposing the DC cesspool for what it is.


The corrupt, law-breaking lawmakers in DC believe we’re too stupid and weak to do anything about our fate.


More than this—they’re betting we don’t have the guts to stop them.


In the end, as things sit right now, armed conflict is the ultimate solution.


The leftists will not relinquish their hold on the media, our government, nor our pocketbooks, until we bury their carcasses in the coldest desert.


Every generation needs a revolution.


The time for ours is now.


Publius: Libertas Aut Mors


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