House Republicans on Monday released their plan to repeal and replace the ACA.

The biggest challenge for the administration is to get the GOP aligned with some of the features that support the right direction and still keep them in line when certain aspects of the plan are “redlined.”

At this point no plan is going to be perfect—however, certain aspects of the plan are moving in the right direction.

No one’s going to get “everything” they want.  The idea is to get enough corrected so that–over time–we can salvage a financially appropriate percentage of loss.

Insurances don’t lose, so thinking we can broker a deal where an insurance is going to lose money in the long run is immature.

I don’t agree with public insurance of any kind.  Privatization is much more American than any health care plan that will be drawn up, but I am of the belief that that ship has sailed.

FDR ensured an entitlement state and, if there was any doubt that a “welfare mentality” and an “entitlement system” had been created, LBJ blew that to hell with his so-called utopian minded “Great Society.”

As cold hearted as this will sound (I’m as compassionate as LBJ) I believe people who can do for themselves must do so, even to the endurance of great pain, and those who cannot do for themselves must be cared for by the state.

This sort of thinking is what is necessary if we are to stop the financial hemorrhaging the Republic is going through.

It won’t happen.

Because of the cultural shift caused by our acceptance of leftism, cosmopolitanism, multi-culturalism, and all the other flawed ideologies of those who wish to restructure a society absent of all the perceived ills their warped, liberal view deduces, our Republic is no longer capable of thinking along the lines of Free People.  Thus, our Republic is forced to suffer through more incremental “political and economic surgeries” before we can even begin to go about the hard business of ridding ourselves of such evil, half-baked, flawed systems which were introduced into our fabric by FDR, LBJ, and expanded upon by the modern leftists of today.

There are no perfect societies.  There are no heavens on physical earth.

These perfect places exist only in the spiritual realm, governed by higher, wiser minds then those which occupy the physical realm.

If the leftist demand we remove all spiritual faiths and concepts from our government—their attack on Christianity being their focus—then why do they then demand that a morality based on their warped spiritual conceptions be adopted by our consciousness?

It is absurd to believe our government should be the source that insures every Citizen in the Republic.

Yet, this is the dilemma we are faced with.

The leftists will not easily relinquish their perverted gains, which they believe are a betterment to society.

This leaves little choice but to force us to engage in a political, economic war the likes that should have been fought for the past one hundred and fifty years.

We must not grow weary of the fight.

The Ideological War is just beginning.

We must be strong—for the good of the Republic.

Or it will die.





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