Creation—My Non-Hallucinogenic Kool-Aid Acid Test Toward Singularity

Child of the Cosmos


I agree and believe in the central idea of the Merry Pranksters philosophy.


That doesn’t mean I believe the way to promote such a radical lifestyle is to pop Lysergic acid diethylamide, do electric Kool-Aid acid tests, drive around in a psychedelic bus, and name my kid sunshine, or moonbeam.


In fact, I reject the notion that I have to use hallucinogenic substances to arrive at a heightened state of consciousness.


I am able to arrive at such a mental plateau from a different stream of awareness and abhor the idea that I require a serotonin receptor agonist to locate my spirituality and “find myself.”


Without hallucinogenic substances, I see worlds that have never been and experience mind-altering eruptions when I lift my eyes and observe the awesome majesty of the universe.


In the awesome brilliance of divine creation, the star gazer in me is born again.


Beyond the threshold of Planck time I can see the wonders of heaven and discover the celestial secrets of yesterday and tomorrow.


I have lived my life in an autistic event horizon and commune in my soul with the death throes of a giant star, that will never die.


I am a child of the cosmos, and the stars are my progenitors.


Without hallucinogenic substances, I taste the goodness of fruit, the freshness of water, and hear the pure sound of a pleasing conversation.


From a well-executed risotto dish, to a remarkable stracciatella gelato, crowned with a fine simple infusion and stimulating discussion, life’s meanings become momentous and peace on earth can be achieved.


One with the Earth


Without hallucinogenic substances, I run in the sun, with the new air at my face.


In such tranquility and energy, I am a traveler upon our earth ship, hurtling through space around our sun at a speed of 67, 000 miles an hour.


I am one with the earth.  I am one with nature.


I love the earth’s creatures, and wish to live in harmony with nature’s organisms, and cultivate the ground within a communal of brotherhood.


Inside the seed, the bark, and the leaf, I hope with an endless longing for a harmonious tomorrow.


There, touched by the tranquil zephyrs of the Crystal Sea, I am optimistic that we will one day plant a garden and reap the fruit of eternity.


Singularity—My Stories Are Your Story


I am not a judge.  Such pretentious attitude is not my meaning, nor my objective.


I certainly do believe in living, and letting others live in their traditions and customs.


While I detest all manner of drug induced mind alteration to achieve my perfect mental state, I do seek escape from reality.


My escape is the Word.


Without hallucinogenic substances, I have attained the sensitivity and humanity to be a lover of Peace and Truth.


I believe as Gandhi did, “There is no way to peace, Peace is the way.”  I believe in such a great idea, even though the world knows more about war than peace, more about killing and murdering, than about living and loving.


I am a scholar of military history and a student of war, so I can warn humanity of its evils.


As for Truth, I not only seek it, I worship it.


Truth is God.


By Truth’s preciseness, all of reality exists.


Without hallucinogenic substances, I live Life more abundantly.


In the fullness of Life, I inhale infinity and dare to love beyond death, hate, time, and understanding.


Throughout my life, in my every breath, I seek to find the pure consciousness that requires only the spirit of Life and the human breath to elevate its awareness.


In the innocence and clarity of free thought, I live and breathe a new beginning.  Obstacles are removed, and mountain tops are conquered.  My life becomes a canvas in which my blood and guts draw the imageries of a new world.


The world of the Creator is my world, and I will never relinquish it.


In the rapture of creation, I feel alive and awash in the translucence and brightness of the Sea of Glass.  I stand upon the sun and feel the rage of the sunbursts, catalysts to new life forms and creations.  I touch and measure the heavens with my thoughts and words.


I live to create.


I am a Creator.


Through my creations, I attain a heightened abstract mental elevation that transcends all understanding.


My God was, is, and forever will be a Creator.


Therefore, in order to be, I must also create.


It is through creation that I am able to exist outside of my autistic citadels.


It is through creation that I can sense different worlds and accept different ways of thought.


It is through creation that I am able to relate the stories of my gravity and complexity.


Through creation, I attain singularity.


I am The Great American Storyteller.


To all Patriots of our Great Republic: If you love our country, and have a story, I will connect with you.


Because my stories are your story.



Photos by: Wil Stewart, Tom Skarbek-Wazynski, Samuel Zeller, Milkovi, Manouchehr Hejazi, Laura Skinner, and Derek Thomson


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Sanctuary—Refuge of the False Immigrant

I’m the Great American Storyteller.


My identity as a writer of books is frequently overwhelmed by the events occurring across our country.


Right now, with the caravans of potential illegal aliens headed toward our southern border, with President Trump seemingly willing to use our military to stave off the hordes, I cannot maintain my silence.


I love our Country, yet I’m fearful it’ll not survive if we don’t regain control of our borders.


Often, my fear for my country drives me to blog.


I care about my books.


I desire to be known and respected for my ability to tell a story.


But I love my country more.


And if I believe it is in danger, I will stand to defend it, and accept the consequences.

An Immigrant


It’s been said we are all immigrants.


This is true. According to science, even the Native American Tribes immigrated here from Asia.


The Immigrant, huddling in the cold night, looking over the darkness toward the horizon of Liberty, is the greatest vision of our Republic.


Who is an immigrant? What defines an immigrant?


Definition of an Immigrant


one that immigrates: such as

a : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence


The immigrant needs a country to come to and take up permanent residence in to survive.


Accordingly, in order to be an immigrant—documented or undocumented, illegal or legal—there must exist a country first.


If there is no country to come or flee to, there is no immigrant.


In order for there to be a country to provide refuge, there must be borders.



Without a country, there can be no immigrant.


The immigrant is a byproduct of a country, or countries.


So it makes no sense to me when some people who say they support immigrants push for the removal of borders.


It is said that many immigrants come to our country to flee oppression and tyranny.


If an immigrant is to have a chance to survive, they must find sanctuary.


But if there are no borders, there is no country where sanctuary can be obtained.


The idea that borders are wrong, and that one is a racist to support clear identifiable boundaries between civilizations, flies in the face of logic, and is not an idea that supports and encourages immigration.


If a person supports the immigrant, then they, logically, must support borders and laws, or else they, in the long run, hurt the immigrant.



: to enter and usually become established;  especially : to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence


There are instances of some immigrants coming and going, crossing the border illegally numerous times.


This is not the definition of an immigrant.


The genuine immigrant desires to become established in a country and take up permanent residence.


An immigrant is not one who reaps the benefits of a country, to then send the rewards gained back to a home country.


This is not an immigrant.


This is a parasite.


The true immigrant is one who comes legally into a country to become established and live a better life and make a healthier home for himself and his posterity.



In antiquity, borders were achieved by the sword.


Yet, there were times in Rome’s history when walls were built and permanent borders were created.


Hadrian’s Wall cut the English mainland virtually in half. While the wall, by itself, did not mean to defend the Roman border, it did provide the vehicle for Roman might and influence to control access and, to some degree, provide security.


Nonetheless, the wall was built.  Many historians believe it was built to reveal Roman might and power, more than defend a border.


Suffice to say, the message was well-defined and unmistakable.


Rome is here.


To possess the ability and technology to construct such a powerful representation of Roman ingenuity, skill, and might so far away from Rome gave an immigrant—or enemy—a moment of pause.


Moreover, the wall provided the same cultural impact as any of the dominant edifices that comprised a Roman village or city.


Roman life and refuge can be found here.


The Roman Republic provided shelter and security for those seeking a better way of life.


When Rome became an Empire, it still gave shelter and hope for humanity, although liberty was lost to the Citizens.


This forfeiture of freedom would eventually lead to Rome’s demise five-hundred years later.


As history tells us, Rome’s fall resulted in the Dark Ages.


The territorial expansion led by the Germanic prince Odovacar did not offer humanity hope, nor provided a way toward peace and prosperity.  In fact, new progression and cultural improvement became stagnant and died until the Renaissance occurred, hundreds of years later.


When before, all roads led to Rome, now chaos and destruction became the norm.


Confronted with such darkness, humanity lost much hope, and the immigrant lost a path to sanctuary and a chance for a better way of life.


In the modern world, the USA has been the new Rome.


Up until recent times, the USA was a dominant force for the progression of humanity, and a better way of life.


Now, because of our bloated, inflated debt—$21 trillion and counting—the United States is losing its base of power and beginning to weaken in influence, military power, and global prominence.


How can the immigrant and citizen be helped if the United States collapses under the weight of its government overspending and entitlement culture?


Therefore, as before, if one is in support of the immigrant, then one must logically support a strong and prominent country from which to offer humanity a refuge.


Our Republic is the light of the world.


It is a hope for humanity.


It is the sanctuary of the immigrant.


If the Republic of the United States falls under the weight of its afflictions and burdens, there will be no sanctuary for the immigrant to flee to.


Photos by: Sophie Potyka, Michael, Kazuend, Filip Bunkens


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Millennial Style War—The Leftist Faction’s Planned Walkout on our USA Culture

How Much Do You Trust the Government?


I am appalled and disappointed by the millennials who eagerly collaborated with the leftist faction to stage walkouts in support of gun control.


They, more than anyone, should realize they are the most in danger if only the government has the weapons.


Much like their embrace of Bernie Sanders—a proclaimed socialist—their warmness toward gun control sickens me.


I am convinced they have not studied the leftist-socialist, only listened to their utopian rhetoric.


The leftist-socialist grandiloquence is replete with empty promises, and no good can come of it.


The critical question asked in Publius: Libertas Aut Mors is a question we must ask ourselves frequently, if we are to remain free.


How much do you trust the government?


I don’t care about another’s opinion, nor their ability to freely express themselves, as long as I am allowed to freely express mine.


I care that they are, in fact, allowed to exercise their freedoms.


For if they are not, my freedom is in peril.


I believe in the free exchange of conviction systems and ideologies between free people.


I believe in healthy, vigorous deliberation to examine and contest perceived truths in the arena of ideas.


A leftist-socialist does not.


Their methods have been witnessed innumerable times throughout history.


Hitler, Stalin, Zedong, Castro—the names of the leftist-socialists are synonymous with corruption, violence, death, and tyranny.


They array their vicious ideology with professed notions of wellness and good, but their means lead to an end of suffering and death to its subjects.


Make no mistake, Millennials—the leftist-socialist is not a friend of the People.


Certainly, not yours.

Mao’s Red Guards


As of late, who are the biggest targets of the Leftist Faction’s propaganda machine?


The same ones who have always been the target of the leftist factions’s twisted, profane ideology—you are.


If you’re a millennial.


When Mao Zedong originated his false utopia—the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution—he targeted the young to implement it.


The young answered by creating their own tribunals and murdering squads.


At the behest of Mao’s leftist violence, the Red Guards (youth) destroyed the four olds of the decayed culture—old ideas, old customs, old habits, and old culture.


Once he succeeded in his attack against the bourgeoisie, he had the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) forcibly suppress them.


Millions died during the false Cultural Revolution.


Millions of the Red Guard zealots who helped Mao destroy the middle-class, died after he no longer required their fanatical violence.


The operative words are: millions died.


The high school walkouts of the past week—coordinated by the Leftist Faction—are along the same vein.


What is striking is that the high schoolers walking out to march for gun control will be some of the first victims if the Leftist Faction succeeds in its evil plot to take away the guns from law-abiding Citizens.


Believe me—The government is a much more proficient killer than Nikolas Cruz could ever dream to be.

Armed Security


Go to the White House, the Capital Building in DC, and you’ll be confronted by armed guards.


The politicians know that the good guns provide for safety and protection, far outweighs the evil they can be used for.


When my little sister was shot as a child, I never contemplated gun control.


When I learned that my beloved Grandfather, Baltazar Bolado I, and my Uncle Robert were mercilessly murdered, gunned down by a savage faction, I never contemplated gun control.


Yet, the high school aged targets of the leftist faction staged walkouts to leave themselves defenseless, not only in their schools, but for the rest of their lives.


Only those with immature ideas could contemplate such evil upon themselves.

All Free


Do you feel free?


I don’t always feel free.


Often, I feel I’m in a war, fighting for the preservation of a culture that I believe is under assault.


Because of the recent events, including President Trump being elected to the White House, I have hope our culture can be saved.


Time is the enemy.


I don’t believe President Trump has enough time to completely reverse the chronic leaning toward leftist-socialism in our Republic.


This leaves me troubled for the future of our Country.


I am humbled and content to stand at a wall and defend a way of life that I can no longer see—pressed forward by a vision so great, so magnificent, that I would readily give my life to touch its purity.


But one life matters little in the great struggle we face today.


Our Republic was founded upon the principle of Free People uniting as one, under God, daring to believe that Liberty was the right of all.


To me, Liberty is a sacred fortune, and I cannot foresee a single circumstance that would compel me to relinquish even the smallest portion of it, willingly.


I choose to be ALL FREE—or die.





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Take the Guns First—President Trump’s Unconstitutional Permutation Versus a Well-Regulated Militia and a Weaponized Constitution

A Free Man


President’s Trump’s recent words regarding guns, following the Parkland shooting, sat in my guts.


I couldn’t digest them.


So, I spit them out.


To flush my system, I returned to the sacred documents that gave life to our culture in 1776.


I sought after answers in the Declaration of Independence—in my logic and experience, a legal document—and the Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America.


Other than the Bible, written by men inspired by the Almighty, no other words are more meaningful to me.


I have done this often in my life.  I prefer to go to the source, rather than learn things from a third party.


Reading through the Declaration and the Constitution, I am always moved by the Truth and the Way of our cultural.  The essence and substance of the Sacred Documents of our Liberty always cause me to reflect on my blessed freedoms.


They compel me to ask myself who I am, and articulate where I fit into the fabric of our Country.


I’m a word archeologist.


I dig into the human language searching for meaning through our cultural expression.


I’m a heart broke sailor on a treasure ship, desperately hunting the cosmic heavens for an abundant treasure I’ve never seen, only felt.


I’m a half-starved artist living for a dream and a promise that can’t be purchased with money or fame.


I’m a writer.


It is my trade to be all of the above, and many more.


I make my living on encountering emotions in a violently creative universe that is unbound and unlimited in its explosive manifestation and communication.


My treasure is the Word.


In the significance of verse and lyric, my romanticism hungers for a deeper meaning to our existence.


This critical gist of expression is the talisman that gives my soul life and peace.


I am a free man.


Free to live my gift of life as I choose, where I please, and how I see fit, as long as I do not prohibit another’s right to live free and express themselves with the treasure of Freedom.


We—the People of the Republic of the United States of America—are the critical feature of our way of Life.


A way of life based on an idea of People governing themselves and doing for themselves what governments have long believed was their right to undertake.


We—the Citizens of our Republic—live our lives to express our freedom.


But how is my freedom—our freedom—secured?


This was the question that I sought answer to when I reread the words of Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Franklin, and all of the other Founders, who bravely penned the words of treason and sedition against a kingdom who dared to believe they were subjects to a king, not a people blessed and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.


Importance of the 2nd Amendment


How import is the 2nd Amendment?


So essential to the ideology of Liberty the Founders sought after that they listed it second, only behind the sacred idea of Freedom—the Freedom of Speech.


Can you have the 1st Amendment without the 2nd?




According to the experts who penned such powerfully inspired words in 1776—words which gave life to a County that still exists 250 years later—they were convinced to their deaths, that no other way could ensure their Freedom and Liberty.

Militia—Security of a free State


For ten years prior to the 1776 Declaration of Independence, the British Empire attempted gun control in our country.


They did so in an attempt to control the Citizens.


They failed because the militia was formed.


Militia, a Latin word derived from the Latin miles, meaning soldier.


The Founders believed that we—the Militia—was desperately needed to protect us from a tyrannical government, regardless its location, or point of origin, if that government became destructive to the ends of Liberty.  Moreover, the Founders believed it the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles as to them would best ensure their safety and happiness.


Who is the militia?


You and I.


We—the People—are the Militia.


The definition of militia is:

  1. An army of trained civilians, which may be an official army, called upon in time of need, the entire able-bodied population of a state which may also be called upon, or a private force, not under government control.
  2. a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.
  3. all able-bodied civilians eligible by law for military service.


Is the militia necessary to ensure our Liberty?




According to the experts (Founders) of 1776.


So important did the Founders see the militia that both ideas—the right to bear arms and a well-regulated Militia were seen as necessary to the security of a free state.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. (sic)


The right of the People to keep and bear arms—as lethal and deadly as the government’s—is a fundamental right, that cannot be infringed upon.


Publius: Libertas Aut Mors


Publius: Libertas Aut Mors is a revelation on how small political and executive increments can lead the government to adopt tyrannical rule and law.


The book’s message is valid in today’s deadly atmosphere of volatile government and social upheaval.


But in my books—I never offer my personal opinion.




The purpose of my blog is to render conscious opinion on the events influencing our culture of Liberty, and that impact my Author Culture perspective and way of thought.


Political opinion is proliferating across our country.


While some may disagree, I have unabridged conviction that intelligent, well-informed electorate communication in all forms, is the strongest indicator by which the health and wellbeing of our Liberty can be judged.


Honest and educated communication is healthy to Freedom.


It is in our communication on liberty where our emotions should sit.  I am as guilty as anyone of injecting my political opinion into the problems of the day and being blinded by my monomania.


The intensification of such responsive vulnerabilities of consciousness in the face of mass shootings, where loss of life drastically occurs, is a natural inclination, which I don’t believe should be discarded.


However, the danger lies not in emotional release and personal frustration, it lies in bringing these untrustworthy sensations and reactions to the organization and application of our laws.


Our logic and sense of reason must be the human instruments we use to change or abridge Constitutional Law.


The United States Constitution is a legal document.


It is not a government—not even the one in DC.


Government can be sympathetic and empathic.  It can even deliver an emotional response.


But emotion cannot be part of judicial process and does not circumvent legal precedent.


I Joined the NRA


I joined the NRA this past week.


I felt compelled to do so because of the president’s rhetoric regarding gun-control.


I believed I needed to because the Constitution demands that its able-bodied Citizens arm themselves, and stand ready, at all times, to defend our Country and Liberty from any form of government that dares to try to take it.




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Government Mass Murderer—The Flawed Gun Control Argument of the Leftist Faction

Gun Control Works


Having a gun pointed at you is terrifying.


Facing death at the barrel of a gun is chilling.


To die prematurely because of a bullet, when you still had so much life left to live, is a repulsive and hideous event.


Being unarmed, while another points a gun at you, knowing there is little to nothing you can do to save your life, or the lives of those you love, is a powerless feeling that no one should experience.


It is a terrifying thing to be held at gun point or shot.


No matter if it’s a solitary active shooter, or a hunter-killer squad assigned by our government.


As the death toll in Florida hits us directly in our faces, and tears our hearts apart, the argument of gun control has, once again, taking a prominent position in our conversation and politics.


The arguments haven’t changed since the last major shooting.


Many are calling for change.


They are demanding our government do something.


My question is: Do what?


Take away the rights of US Citizens?


Recent history shows us what happens when government becomes involved in such evil.


Beyond the initial bill and implementation, who decides the limits of gun restriction, or worse yet, repossession?


What is to prevent the government from judging that assault weapons are not the only aim and make a judgment against certain handguns?


What’s next, after that?


Gun control works.


But not to keep citizens safer.


Gun control works by making the government stronger and the people weaker.


Throughout history, this fact has been proven.

Violent Hate


The 9/11 mass murder of three-thousand people used planes not bullets.


A car was used to plow into crowds in Charlottesville, VA. and New York, last year.


Recently, vehicles were used to murder many in Nice, Berlin, London, Stockholm, and Barcelona.


The common denominator is hate, not what kind of weapon is used.


When the stimulus is hate, the brain will create a weapon out of anything.


In prison, shanks and shivs are rampant.  This in a relentlessly controlled environment.


If some deranged murderer wants to slaughter innocent people, he/she will find a way to do it.


Unless they are stopped first.

Government Mass Murderers


Throughout human history, individual mass murderers have existed.


Government mass murderers should terrify far more than private mass murderers.


Many of their names are well known.


A leftist argues to take away weapons from the Citizens because the acts of a few.


Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler—they were all leftists who believed in gun-control, and when they achieved it, they murdered countless millions of unarmed Citizens.


I do not wish to trade one serial killer for a far worse one.


The government is a far worse mass murderer than Nicolas de Jesus Cruz could ever dream of being.


The government desires people control.


Their favorite way to achieve this is by playing upon our emotions and manipulating them through false pretenses.


My inclination is always to love my Country—the Republic of the United States of America—and protect it from a government I distrust, even, at times, hate.

It’s Personal


My little sister was shot by a handgun.


My great Uncle Robert was gunned down, murdered by a gun wielding mob.


I speak from personal pain and experience.


Gun control is not the solution we seek.

Desensitization and Cultural Numbness


The FBI failed to follow up on an obvious “in your face” lead.


The recent FBI debacles are a disgrace to its history, and ours.


Regardless of where anyone sits on the FBI’s “insurance policy” “secret societies” criminal plot, following up on such a clear lead could have prevented the gruesome event at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


The FBI failed us.


And the cost was high.


And what about us as a society?


The Chicago killings continue despite the existence of severe gun control.


The Bataclan Concert Hall bloodbath in Paris is another testament that severe gun control laws do not keep people safer.


And what about the leftist defending the law-breaking actions of the illegal aliens who illegally cross our sovereign borders every day?


Or the pile of non-viable lumps of cells flushed down the toilet of abortion clinics throughout our country.


Does this not lead to a further disrespect of our laws in the minds of the mentally disturbed and criminally minded?


Does this not lead to desensitization and cultural numbness, and further increase the chances of a “walking time bomb” going off, and a bigger bang occurring?


You Are


Remember, this is how the leftist faction starts.


They don’t solve the problem, they start with half-backed theories and flawed premises, slanted to fit their narrative and anti-USA agenda.


They create issue after issue with their perverted agenda, then punish law-abiding Citizens by taking away their way of life and infringing on their rights.


They tell us it’s for our own good.


The Nazis pushed for Euthanasia of the old, and those in society they judged as unproductive or useless.


All using the method of emotional rectitude


Who decides what is an appropriate weapon for US Citizens?


The Founders have already created a document that protects against government oppression and tyranny.


The Second Amendment isn’t about “hunting rifles” and sport shooting, etc.


It’s about “arming the Citizenry” and organizing and preparing our People with the means and skills to defend themselves against our government.


Can anyone guarantee protection against our government?


The chairperson of the DNC readily admitted that the DNC “rigged” an election for Hillary Clinton.


The FBI calls itself an “insurance policy” against a presidential candidate getting elected.


History is full of governments controlling and murdering people to maintain power over them.


It is human control, not gun control, that is the ultimate objective here.


Ruby Ridge, Waco, attest to what the government is capable of.


Regardless of the situation—we do not want the government to possess all of the weapons.


We do not want the Citizenry unarmed.


After 9/11, the argument was largely united, and, at times, absent of partisan politics.


Because of the method of destruction, as well as the weapon.


Nonetheless, rather than face the issue and work toward a solution, the leftists always attack the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.


Recently, Johnny Galecki of TBBT provided opinion on the gun control argument and said that “Change is needed.”


“In my last couple of posts, I’ve not suggested a single idea for new gun laws or background checks or even mental illness issues after the latest school murders in Florida. I only suggested change. And yet many folks were outraged and threatened and angered by only that,” the actor wrote.


Here is my response to him, and many of the other leftists who always go down the path of gun control as a viable solution.


It all depends on what change you wish to bring, and on who you target for change.


Your target should be against the murderers and criminals who perpetrate these hideous crimes.


If you’re another lunatic leftist who blames the NRA and its members, do your research.


The NRA and its members have not committed these shootings.


The Constitution was written 250 years ago by People who possessed enough intelligence to write words that formed our country and to live long after they died.


If you are looking to change those words—you best ready yourself for a war.


And it won’t be a nineteen-year-old, leftist freak punk you’ll be fighting against.


It’ll be against men and women who still believe in the Constitution’s sacred words.


And Patriots who believe that the Constitution is not the root of the problem.


You are.





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Presumptuous—A Response to Gus Kenworthy’s Public Outburst Against Our President

In recent exchanges over the internet, skier Gus Kenworthy has been extremely vocal on his critique of our President and Vice-president.


Here is my response.


I think it is incredibly presumptuous and self-inflated to believe that anyone gives a damn about your sexuality and orientation in the grand scheme of things.


I certainly don’t.


What I take issue with is how many in the LGBTQ society—including you—think otherwise and flash their private areas with such abandonment.


I’m heterosexual—I’m comfortable with my status.  I don’t feel the need to shove my sexuality into people’s faces like a badly prepared omelet, or a diffident, immature pubescent.


Every damn time I see the disgusting, over promoted, overproduced gay parades, I am sickened by the lack of restraint or common decency exhibited by your society.


We’re all different.  Thank God for that.


That doesn’t mean we need to flaunt our differences at every damn turn.


Overall, I—and most people, I bet—judge a person less on their sexual preferences, and more on the overall respect and treatment they provide others.


Speaking of which, the manner you have addressed our President, and our Vice-president, in recent days is far from the same respect you and the LGBTQ society demand for yourselves.  You have not only voiced your personal grievances against our President and Vice-president on a public forum, without providing them the common respect to address them directly, but you’ve done so at a global event—the Olympics.


Is this respectful to you?  Do you believe the Olympics is the best venue to denounce our President and proclaim your intention to bypass a White House ceremony after the games?


Does this not remind you of the behaviors you speak out against, that are allegedly perpetrated against LGBTQ persons?


Ultimately, because of your lack of respect for our President—and for the millions of US Voters who elected him into office—your behavior, not your sexual orientation or preferences, have defined you as a person, in my eyes.


It appears you have one slanted view of the entire world—you, and the rest of civilization.  And only your feelings, preferences, and way of life are relevant.  The rest of us must be careful with how we say anything, or we will be mercilessly classified, marginalize, even dehumanized, by being referred to as bigoted, or prejudice and intolerant.


It’s an old, sad mantra that I have heard spread by many, including members within your society.


You see, in the end, it’s not who we sleep with that offers civilization its best vision of who we are as a person.  Rather, it is what we say and do that exposes our soul and expresses and reveals our persona.


I am a believer of Liberty.


This means I don’t want anyone to interfere with me on how I live, nor how I express my existence.


For this reason—if no other—I do not want your freedom to be infringed upon.


You are not like me, or President Trump.


And we are not like you.


Why can’t we leave it at that, and then work to find common ground in a mature, respectful manner?


By ignoring each other, we display to the world the worst part of our humanity, as well as losing the opportunity to perhaps work through our differences and provide a better way for our posterity.


I wish you well in the Olympics.  I don’t know you, or care about who you choose to sleep with, but you represent our Country in one of the largest sports settings in the world.  For that reason—and that reason alone—I hope you win as many medals as humanly possible.


I hope this is your main ambition at the Olympic games.


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Yellow Journalism—Yahoo’s Rapid Decline and Their Gutter Legacy

In 2007, the previous president made extensive use of yahoo’s cyber influence, contracting paid trolls to post bogus comments on its site, as well as colluding with the news conglomerate in falsifying and manipulating news cycles to fit the campaign message and promote the leftist agenda.


The strategy worked, allowing an incompetent, USA-hating pettifogger to assume the presidency, and then get re-elected in 2012.


Anyone with a clear vantage point could not deny that yahoo played a consequential, vital part in the 2008 US Presidential Election, and a supporting role in the 2012 election.


Since then, yahoo’s leftist smear tactics, and manufactured indoctrination fake news platform has waned, but not by its own putrid acts of mendacious pseudo-journalism practices that spurned appropriate and carefully vetted investigative inquiry.


Yahoo’s meteoric fall has come because of the response of organized efforts to expose it for its clear leftist agenda reporting, as well as its tabloid-centered content stream.


Since 2008, yahoo has declined in market appraisal from $44.6 billion, to around $5 billion.


Yet, despite its market cap collapse, yahoo still retains the “bones” to cause issue and difficulty to anyone, regardless of status or position.


The FBI citing a yahoo article to substantiate a warrant request is appalling, and highlights yahoo’s substantial influence in the political arena, as well as their prominence to collude with corrupt officials against the US Citizens’ best interests.


I have fought a long-standing war against yahoo, and their lewd and indecent pseudo-journalism.


I will not put an end to this conflict until yahoo is destroyed and their obscene legacy is removed from our consciousness.


Even in their economically disastrous condition, yahoo is a dangerous force.  Their abhorrence for our culture and our country makes them enemies of our Republic.


Yet, my indignation is much lower for yahoo, in contrast to my rage toward the FBI.


The secret societies within the FBI, and perhaps in other branches of our government, are the enforcers of yahoo’s disgusting program of leftist hate.  They form the conduit through which such cultural antipathy can inflict deadly force upon the well-being of our liberty.


Not only did the FBI fail to execute their lawful obligations, they conspired with yahoo to circumvent our judicial practice and—even more reprehensible—influence our presidential election.


The FBI dared to suppose they are the choosers of our presidents.  Worse yet, they didn’t even have the aptitude, or the enterprise, to do their own damn research.


Since we have learned that the FBI is the “hired gun” of the DNC—ultimately the leftist-faction—where does yahoo fit into the revolting scheme?


Evidently, they are the investigator and the source of a soiled and foul network of “anonymous sources” and accomplices whose singular objective is to undermine and remove the rightfully sitting president elected by the US Voters.


For this reason, I remain vigilant against yahoo and its vast organization of leftist-agenda-spewing, USA-hating media, political, and police dynamisms.


As for the FBI, I question their need anymore.


Perhaps it’s best to reconstitute its guts and hierarchy, and create a new law-enforcement agency that would not be so radically politicized.


If we fail to do something about the FBI corruption that is staring us in the face, we will never be certain if we have removed the cancerous tissue that has inflicted and metastasized all across its body.


Time is of the essence.


Or else, one day soon, a more corrupt system of law-enforcement may approach yahoo’s bankrupt headquarters and appeal to Verizon’s Corporate investors, and just pin badges on them.


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Government Shutdown—$1 Versus Dirty Politicians, Democrats, and DACA

Would there still be a government shutdown if the DC politicians’ paychecks were at stake?


Before answering, it’s important to identify who the DC politicians are.


Merriam-Webster defines clearly.

1: a person experienced in the art or science of government; especially: one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government

2 a: a person engaged in party politics as a profession

often disparaging  : a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons


When I reference the DC politicians, I rarely can look at a lifer politician in the first category.


Lifer politician describes someone who either can’t get things done and needs to keep fighting for a cause to mask his ineptitude.


Or, someone who is holding on to a “gravy train” and approaches government service as a source of income and benefit, rather than the manner in which government service was originally created to be by the Founders.


Case in point: The US employees number 2, 711, 000.


The Bureau of Labor informs us that government employees in the United States government outnumber private sector manufacturing employees by 9,932,000.


No one even knows how many federal agencies exist.


And of all the nearly three million government employees who will not suffer or have their pay suspended are the DC politicians who created this mess.


Poor kids, military personnel and veterans, security guards, and many other low-wage federal contractors will suffer.


All the while the DC politicians will collect their money.


Think about it.


Government shutdown means the legislative and executive branch of our government could not agree and pass a bill to fund the controlling edifices of OUR government.


Yet—even though they failed—the politicians will still make their money.


How many jobs have you had, where if you fail, you get paid?


If you or I fail in our jobs consequences will drastically impact our lives.


Not in DC.


And for what?  What is the underlining reason for the democrats to oppose this funding bill?


The reason for any politician to desire to go to DC is to serve his constituency.  His constituency is not just local, nor his district.


In his service in DC, his constituency is the US population as a whole.


This fight the democrats are involved in is not to curb a rising CPI, or to help the underprivileged, or even to help our military soldiers and veterans.


No, none of the above honorable causes are motivating the democrats to lead us to a government shutdown.


In fact, the reason the democrats are fighting for a government shutdown has NOTHING to do with our country at all.


DACA is not a cause that benefits the United States Citizens—the very people these DC politicians are supposed to be representing.  DACA hurts not only US Citizens, but ALL the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who came to the United States by following the rules and laws of our country.


DACA was still another “kick the can down the road” half-backed, undigested, Band-Aid pseudo-measure by the previous president that solved nothing and created a bigger mess than what originally existed.


According to a CNN poll, more than 60% of Americans believe that approving the budget agreement is more important than continuing the DACA program.


I’m not much into polls, nor do I place much stock in them.


However, the leftists are always spouting off about their damn polls.  Well, here’s one time they are keeping silent about a poll they don’t like the results of.


The obvious reason the democrats are fighting for the illegal aliens protected by the half-measure DACA program is because the Democratic Party is losing its power across a vast amount of the political landscape.  They are convinced that if they fight for the illegals, and make way for their unlawful entry into citizenship, that the illegals will repay them with their vote when they become citizens.


Say nothing about the fact that more and more illegals are voting in US elections.  Moreover, the democrats are fighting to, not only bring these illegals into citizenship, but bring many more via “chain illegal migration.”


President Trump receives a $1 salary.  He forwent his customary presidential salary and donated it to worthy causes.


This leaves only two political groups seeking to gain from the 2018 government shutdown.


The dirty politicians and the democrats.


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Presidential Bombshell—A Carefully Orchestrated Strategy

A Bombshell book?


On the one hand, tabloid gossip Wolff says that Trump didn’t even want to be president.


Wait for it…


Then, on the other hand, he claims that Candidate Trump was so desperate (his filth word) to be president that he colluded with the Russians.


The leftist trash will never get how smart our President is, so I think it’s time for some of us to start explaining it to them.


Trump made the bombshell for the filth book by sending “cease and desist” lawyers’ letters to the publisher.  All the while—he so wanted the filth Wolff book to explode onto the scene, as it now has.


It was another perfectly constructed maneuver by the president to continue his fight against a duplicitous media that bases its every move on its hatred for our president, our culture, even our Country.


President Trump knew the publisher, and the filth media, would take the bait and market the hell out of the poorly executed expose book.


President Trump has always known that publicity is the perfect storm in which he can best operate.  It is the reason for his, often controversial, tweet storms.


It’s his style.


Now that the book is released, he will attack and destroy the entire credibility of the author and the lies he wrote in his book, gain exposure to highlight the investigation into the Clinton “pay for play” scandal, that Attorney General Sessions announced will be taking place, and allow him the full spotlight to—once and for all—destroy the filth leftist faction’s phony claim that he colluded with the Russians and reveal that it was the leftist faction, all along, who was the colluder.


Hell, it was the DNC—completely controlled by the leftist faction—who admitted to an entire “rigged” election and threw Bernie Sanders under the train.  This was from the horse’s own mouth—former DNC Chairperson Donna Brazile.


In the end, the publisher and the author will make their dirty cash, at the expense of our country, but President Trump will have the full platform of presidency to launch his own “living” book and prove his claims, investigate and charge the Clinton Foundation, and destroy the credibility of a tabloid author who believes he is more than he is, and a greedy publisher who will print anything, as long as they have the ink.


Let the games begin.–abc-news-topstories.html


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“Insurance Policy”—The Illegal Plot of the Leftist Faction to Elect the President of the United States

These are dangerous times in our Country.


Things have been brewing for some time and there appears to be no end in sight.


According to some in the internet, there is some question as to the choice of words Jesse Watters used—specifically one—and whether it was appropriate.


“Coup” is the appropriate word.


An FBI agent doesn’t flash a badge and decide who our next president will be.


The FBI declares that employees are able to express their own personal opinions, outside of their job descriptions, and are maintain that they are still able to conduct a impartial investigation.


That is not what the facts show.


These texts weren’t opinion rhetoric—a US Citizen expressing their political point of view to another US Citizen.  No.  These were text messages placing themselves within a conceived plot to damage a presidential candidate and prevent said candidate from being elected.


In his texts, Strzok referred to himself as an “insurance policy.”


He further named the outcome he was an insurance policy for.


He declared himself an insurance policy to prevent Candidate Trump from becoming President Trump.


In a court of law, that is quantified as “Intent to commit.”


He texted: “We can’t let that happen.” (Candidate Trump from becoming President Trump)


He texted: “I’m riled up.  I can’t pull away.”


First of all, who’s “we”?


In this text, Strzok seems to imply a plot larger than himself, or else he would have worded his text in the singular “I”.  For him to denote “we” clearly suggests there is more at work than just an agent giving his personal opinion.


Furthermore, why did Special Counsel remove Agent Strzok from the Russian Collusion investigation?  Especially considering the gravity and supposed importance of the investigation.


According to all known data, Agent Strzok was a “super-agent”.  Some have even suggested that he was able to conduct a thorough and fair investigation, regardless of his political favoritisms.


Moreover, Strzok was involved in every single major investigation, in the long string of investigations into wrong doing, from Hillary Clinton’s private server investigation—which her law-breaking team succeeded in covering up—to the unfounded Trump-Russia dossier counterintelligence operation.


If he was so involved through all of this, wouldn’t he be a critical piece of the investigation now?  Yet, Mueller removed him in the middle of the ongoing investigation that has carried on for nearly a year.


I find that extremely odd and inconsistent with the model of a well-run investigation.


Several agents asserted that Mueller had removed Strzok to protect the integrity of the special counsel’s Russia investigation.


If Agent Strzok was a high-quality, honest agent, why would his removal protect the integrity of the investigation?  It would stand to reason that removing a quality agent from an investigation would lessen its effectiveness and damage its integrity.


Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) suggested in a hearing with FBI Director Chris Wray that Strzok is up to his eyeballs in the illegal Spygate Conspiracy against the Trump Campaign.


“Here’s what I think Director Wray.  I think Peter Strzok, head of counter intelligence at the FBI, Peter Strzok the guy who ran the Clinton investigation and did all the interviews, Peter Strzok, the guy who was running the Russia investigation at the FBI, Peter Strzok, Mr. ‘Super Agent’ at the FBI, I think he’s the guy who took the application to the FISA court…and if that happened…if you have the FBI working with the Democrats’ campaign, taking opposition research, dressing it all up and turning it into an intelligence document and taking it to the FISA court so they can spy on the other campaign…if that happened…that’s as wrong as it gets.”


Representative Jordan paints an ugly, evil picture.


Taken at face value, it is safe to say that Strzok is only one of a unit of leftist hired guns.


Throughout history, it’s always been the leftist faction who has pursued violent measures to fulfill their political agenda.


The leftist faction has incessantly believed their hearts and minds are bigger and smarter than ours.


Therefore, I promote high vigilance and full alert to all Patriots.


The time to stop these law-breakers is now.  This kind of filth will only get bolder if we do not take action against their lawlessness.


Hard choices are before us.


As for me—Libertas Aut Mors is my mantra, and my weapons are the tools to secure my freedom.


I call upon the Patriot Army of the Republic of the United States to rise as one and unite against the leftist faction that seeks to destroy our USA culture.


I am Octavius, a voice of the People of our Country.


I am Publius, a voice that defends our Country from the corrupt government in DC.


Deo vindice


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