President Trump Is Not Ignoring Spanish Speakers—He Just Wants Them to Speak English

There exists a recent AP pseudo-journalistic piece by Jill Colvin and Luis Alonso Lugo, entitled “Trump’s White House all but ignoring Spanish speakers.”

Oh give me a fracking break.

I’m a Latino from Spain and Italy—a third generation US Citizen who has been fully and completely assimilated into the USA culture.

I don’t feel ignored by any stretch.

Neither do I believe that President Trump’s White House has written off the Latino vote, even it is a false allegation, based on a flawed premise.  To be accurately referenced a Latino, one must have originated from the region of central Italy known as Latium, wherein Roma was founded.  It is from this region, on the banks of the Tiber River, where the tribe of the Latins was born.

Nonetheless, President Trump will never give up on US Citizens, regardless of their ethnicity.  It would go against everything he campaigned on.

All the Trump White House is saying is what he said on the campaign trail: “We have a country, where, to assimilate, you have to speak English.”

I totally agree, and have lived this way my whole life.

From an early age, I was compelled by my Father (who happened to be a JFK liberal) to speak English, and live and breathe like a USA Citizen.

I can speak Spanish—and I do.  Fluently.

However, the White House is correct.

We are a country founded by White Protestants, and English is the language that must be demanded in our USA culture.

Assimilation is the duty of every US Citizen.

Assimilation does not mean that I sacrifice my heritage, it means that I prioritize our USA culture.

I am a third-generation US Citizen of Latin ancestry.

I am Octavius—I am Publius—I am the voice of the legal immigrant—and I kiss the ground of our Country every single day.

Immigration without assimilation is invasion.

—Bobby Jindal

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Stabbing a President and Shooting Republicans—The Violence of the Leftist Agenda

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called comments from Republicans blaming the left’s rhetoric for Wednesday’s attack on a GOP congressional baseball practice in Virginia “outrageous.” The attack wounded five, including Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., who is in critical condition at a Washington hospital.

And the comments, innuendos, direct accusations, and unsubstantiated allegations of the Democrats against the President of the United States are not offensive and outrageous?

For Minority Leader Pelosi to attempt to lecture anyone on the decorum owed the high offices of the Legislative Branch of our Government is far more outrageous than anything being said about the evil shooting of Republicans that took place in Virginia.

If anything, history speaks directly against her assertions and thoroughly supports the comments of the Republicans.

Calling a spade a spade is not outrageous—it is truth.

Leftism develops to socialism; socialism progresses to communism.

This is beyond dispute.

Throughout history, the malicious progression from leftism to communism is violent, bloody, and has cost the lives of millions.  For instance, from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, to the Great Leap Forward, an estimated 70 million died under the fierce rule of Mao Zedong’s proposed “Chinese societal elevation.”

Communism fared no better in Russia.  Under Joseph Stalin’s communistic experiment violence and blood spilt in equal quantity.

Lest we forget, Hitler’s gang of butchers, slaughterers, and murderers, called their political party the NSDAP—The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei).

Violence and bloodshed run hand in hand with the leftist agenda.  At each level of its vicious development, leftism cultivates the worst of human nature, and impacts humanity at the most critical juncture—life and death.

Our Republic is being assaulted by a leftist extremism born in far off lands.  Because of the deliberate practice of our government to leave our borders unsecured and not demand that those coming to our country illegally at the very least assimilate, they have brought with them false ideologies grounded upon the philosophies of leftism, socialism, and communism.

What is occurring in our country—the divisiveness, the hate, the vitriol—is not by accident.

From despicable plays, music videos, and internet campaigns depicting violence against our president, the leftist agenda is raising its evil hand and smearing its message across our country in the most vicious of ways.

More and more—it is spreading real violence against our People.

If we do not gain control of the leftist agenda, and entirely reinstate the principles placed into our Constitution by the Founders, the hate, discord, and violence playing out in our homes and streets will only get worse.

History proves my words.

May we heed history’s warning.


“A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”

—Mao Zedong, February 1927

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Cultural Death—The Confusion of the Citizen USA Hater and the Systematic Leftist Agenda to Destroy Our Culture

New York became the first state to ensure detained illegal aliens have legal representation—a right once solely provided to US Citizens.

The amount of USA hatred in New York, New York is overwhelming.

For a Citizen of our Republic to hate the USA can stem from ignorance or confusion, or a number of other illogical possibilities.

It can also materialize from an understandable confusion as to what the Republic of the United States is and what it stands for.

In 1776, the Republic of the United States courageously and boldly declared that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights, first among these being Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  This set a precedency born out of the civil conflicts cultivated and fought for by the Roman Republic in antiquity.

Although the Republic of Rome fell ultimately to the faintness of the human condition and became an Empire, I had always hoped that the modern United States Republic would be able to overcome their disadvantage and conquer many of the ills of humanity which led them to dispel such a great and noble aspiration.

In the end, the biggest sickness and infection the Roman Republic suffered from was the loss of its culture.  People no longer believed Liberty exceeded their security in importance, precipitated by an influx of different mental dispositions and cultural directions.

The same circumstance transpired four hundred years later when the Empire lost its cultural identity, due to foreign ideas littering its cultural landscape.

In both instances, the loss of culture directly led to the demise of the idea of the cultural and the perverted identification of a civilization.

While the residence of ideology is in the mind, the reasons for the demise of a cultural rarely resides solely in the mind.  Ideology that is hateful to its own host culture is a cancer that is bred into its fabric.

Self-hate—the likes we are witnessing throughout the Republic of the United States did not come by accident.  It arrived on our shores by the hesitancy of our society and our governing entities to enforce the laws that govern our boundaries.  This issue is further compounded by the constant hesitancy to mandate assimilation as part of the process of citizenship.

In both Roman cases, the malady could easily have been prevented.  Likewise, in the modern United States, the self-hate leading to cultural death could easily have been prevented.

The strength of a culture is not centered on all people looking physically alike.

However, the strength of a culture is centered on all people being united within its cultural significance.

When this is ignored, then what ensues is the abolition of all privileges and truths of citizenship.

New York has become the first state to ensure alien people are provided the sacred right which only a citizen should be privileged to, and then are forcing the Citizens of our Republic to pay for such a benefit.

This level of evil could only come about by deliberate political actions throughout the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of a corrupt, self-serving government, and an equally corrupt state government.

It is because of such corrupt politicians that President Thomas Jefferson declared “every generation needs a revolution.”

If we are to save our beloved Republic, we must become wiser and secure our borders, thereafter preserve the value of Citizenship.

If not, we will be forced to heed President Jefferson’s good wisdom.



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Dreamworld—A Summary on How to Fight the Perverted Leftist Ideology of FDR and LBJ

House Republicans on Monday released their plan to repeal and replace the ACA.

The biggest challenge for the administration is to get the GOP aligned with some of the features that support the right direction and still keep them in line when certain aspects of the plan are “redlined.”

At this point no plan is going to be perfect—however, certain aspects of the plan are moving in the right direction.

No one’s going to get “everything” they want.  The idea is to get enough corrected so that–over time–we can salvage a financially appropriate percentage of loss.

Insurances don’t lose, so thinking we can broker a deal where an insurance is going to lose money in the long run is immature.

I don’t agree with public insurance of any kind.  Privatization is much more American than any health care plan that will be drawn up, but I am of the belief that that ship has sailed.

FDR ensured an entitlement state and, if there was any doubt that a “welfare mentality” and an “entitlement system” had been created, LBJ blew that to hell with his so-called utopian minded “Great Society.”

As cold hearted as this will sound (I’m as compassionate as LBJ) I believe people who can do for themselves must do so, even to the endurance of great pain, and those who cannot do for themselves must be cared for by the state.

This sort of thinking is what is necessary if we are to stop the financial hemorrhaging the Republic is going through.

It won’t happen.

Because of the cultural shift caused by our acceptance of leftism, cosmopolitanism, multi-culturalism, and all the other flawed ideologies of those who wish to restructure a society absent of all the perceived ills their warped, liberal view deduces, our Republic is no longer capable of thinking along the lines of Free People.  Thus, our Republic is forced to suffer through more incremental “political and economic surgeries” before we can even begin to go about the hard business of ridding ourselves of such evil, half-baked, flawed systems which were introduced into our fabric by FDR, LBJ, and expanded upon by the modern leftists of today.

There are no perfect societies.  There are no heavens on physical earth.

These perfect places exist only in the spiritual realm, governed by higher, wiser minds then those which occupy the physical realm.

If the leftist demand we remove all spiritual faiths and concepts from our government—their attack on Christianity being their focus—then why do they then demand that a morality based on their warped spiritual conceptions be adopted by our consciousness?

It is absurd to believe our government should be the source that insures every Citizen in the Republic.

Yet, this is the dilemma we are faced with.

The leftists will not easily relinquish their perverted gains, which they believe are a betterment to society.

This leaves little choice but to force us to engage in a political, economic war the likes that should have been fought for the past one hundred and fifty years.

We must not grow weary of the fight.

The Ideological War is just beginning.

We must be strong—for the good of the Republic.

Or it will die.





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The Dream of Greatness and How It Applies to Culture

Why Did Roma build the Colosseum?

It was not to watch men die, although in parts of the human mind savagery is its prerequisite.

Roma built the Colosseum, originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, to capture the revelation of greatness in a snapshot of competition.  Thereby, to allow the People of a mighty Republic/Empire to observe the image of a champion.

Roma was a place where greatness resided.  The test of the Colosseum was to impart that level of greatness to another people, to the lowest of these—the common man; worse yet, the criminal mind.

It is great to behold the spectacle of greatness and contemplate its accomplishment.

For within us there must exist a spark of greatness to even regard its existence, moreover, even a mightier vision to contemplate the arduous journey and powerful effort to accomplish its destiny, its providence.

When I looked up Merriam-Webster’s definition of greatness, even its glossary struggled to define its quintessence.  It wasn’t until I reached the third suggestion where I found a meaning worth its weight and substance.

remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness

It wasn’t until the fifth offering where I found the next closest paradigm of the meaning.

eminent, distinguished, chief or preeminent over others

The next reference I could accept as having semblance to the meaning of greatness came in Webster’s ninth submission.

markedly superior in character or quality; especially:  noble

I determine Merriam-Webster’s glossary was exhausting its ability to define such a magnificent aspiration, but I found one more recommendation.

remarkably skilled <great at tennis> b :  marked by enthusiasm :  keen

These descriptions offer some clarity into the meaning of greatness, but pale in comparison to what the soul feels when it recognizes greatness.

The Republic of the United States of America built their replicas of the Colosseum for the same reason ancient Roma did—to seek, within the confines of competition, phantasmagorias of greatness.  To dare to gaze into the soul of the competitor and fully examine the full capacity of what is essential to gain victory.

Last night, in the face of a fierce competitor, pummeled to a near pulp by a tenacious, constant rush that produced many knock downs, endless pressure, and five brutal sacks, a player reached into his heart and dared to contemplate the achievement of greatness.

By daring to imagine the attainment of such glory he inspired his team to accomplish the impossible.

By his team accomplishing the impossible, the immensity of the heart of the United States of America was once more revealed.

What Tom Brady and his intrepid assembly of players accomplished in Super Bowl 51 demonstrates how a dream, a hope, can become reality.

When the Patriots were behind by 25 points, I saw defeat in Tom Brady’s eyes.

But deeper than the defeat, I saw defiance.

Defiance against age, defiance against circumstances, insolence in the face of defeat, rebellion in contradiction of fact.  The essence of my faith and the central reason my father—and his father(s) before him—envisioned a path and a life within the fabric of the United States relied on the dream of greatness and the conviction that they could attain it.

It was this dream of greatness—this hope for a better tomorrow—that I witnessed on the field at Houston’s NRG Stadium, a modern Colosseum of incredible dimension.

It is the defiant human soul struggling against a vicious demise who, with the inspiration of the unconquerable spirit, dares not only to dream of greatness—but sets out to accomplish it.

HOUSTON, TX – FEBRUARY 05: Dont’a Hightower #54 of the New England Patriots forces a fumble from Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons during the fourth quarter during Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

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Media Treason—The Treasonous Acts of US Leftist Media and Pseudo-journalists



noun     the crime of betraying one’s country

Treason is a serious charge.

So serious one must dedicate time and effort to carefully examine the facts before accusing someone of it.

After witnessing another weekend of endless media reports emerging from yahoo and CNN, which were so anti-USA they caused me to become nauseous, I can no longer take it.

I have always judged the press firmly.  Now I judge them with the inflexibility and steadfastness of a Citizen seeking to assign blame on those terrorists, and terrorists sympathizers, who have cost the lives of so many US Citizens.

Ask France about allowing Syrian so-called refugees into their country without having an “extreme vetting” program in place.

Hell, ask us—the USA—about not having proper screening before allowing anyone—refugee or otherwise—into our country.

President Trump has proposed a “safe zone” in their own country of Syria for these people.

Why must these people come into our country?  Why can’t they remain in their country and be protected within a “safe zone?”

No, instead, you attack our country and endanger the lives of us—the US Citizens—and defend the “rights” of foreign refugees.


Syrian refugees HAVE NO RIGHTS in the United States.

Furthermore—what about the rights of the US Citizens?

Or do the US Citizens not have a place in your perverted line of illogic and radical and dangerous pseudo-journalism?

What about the rights of the dead caused by the violence Daesh terrorists have inflicted upon US Citizens?

Will you and your fellow pseudo-journalists be there to help the US families when they endure more suffering at the hands of the many Daesh terrorists posing as so called Syrian refugees?

Will you help mop up the blood and clean up the carnage?

Will you be there to comfort and help the US families as they go through their endless periods of grief?

The leftist media is so possessed in their agenda driven tunnel vision, that more and more pseudo-journalists spread lies and distortion, causing great harm to our USA culture and endangering the lives of our Citizens.

With every lying report, they are committing treason and will not hold themselves accountable if they cause the Trump Administration’s extreme vetting program to be postponed.

No, when the bloody US Citizens are blown-up or murdered, the pervert pseudo-journalists will line up to snap pictures and ask their absurd and pointless questions.


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Our Message—President Trump’s Message Isn’t His, It’s Ours

NANCY BENAC and BEN NUCKOLS, of the Associated Press released a commentary in the early hours of Sunday morning.  Essentially, the convoluted length and meaning of their supposed exposition (It was a commentary or exposition; it sure wasn’t an example of journalistic excellence) transferred the event screamed and shouted across the media’s front pages since its inception: The Women’s March on Washington.

The commentators (They are not journalists, rather they are commentators or pseudo-journalists) stated in their commentary that the marchers sent “a decisive message to President Trump.”

A defiant message to President Trump?

Leave it to these pseudo-journalists to twist and distort the facts of an event to such graphic proportions that the truth of the story becomes lost in the fake news reporting.  By twisting and disfiguring the truth of an event pseudo-journalists hope to interject themselves into the story in a desperate attempt to accrue attention and relevance.

Pseudo-journalism is the number one reason the US Populous holds such low regard for the US media, and trust in US news reporting is at an all-time low.

Since pseudo-journalists Benac and Nuckols did not report the truth—I will state the truth.

The women’s march did not send a message to President Trump.

Trump did not elect himself to the presidency—the US People elected him to the office.

Therefore, the women’s march sent a message to the US People.

Often the leftist and other organizers of such perverted ideological events as the women’s march declare that it is the right who is possessed with the issue of abortion.  In fact, it is the leftists, and certain leftist agenda driven women’s political groups, who are absolutely obsessed and fanatical about the issue of abortion.

Let it be unmistakably stated that the cloaked phrases such as “reproductive rights” and “women’s right to choose,” to name a few, are veiled political statements declaring that they demand the right to have state sponsored—often state funded—abortions.

This was the central message the women’s march declared to the US People who voted for and elected Donald Trump as president of the United States.  All the other messages were ancillary, relegated to side notes and segues.

I find it hard to wrap my mind and heart around such a callous, self-serving, ego motivated agenda.

Our country is in debt $20, 000, 000, 000, 000, our economic foundation has been decimated for the past sixteen years—arguably for the past eighty plus years—families are losing their homes, many going hungry or on food stamps, and our culture is being destroyed and murdered daily due to our government refusing to secure our borders, deport illegal aliens, and penalizing US businesses who hire illegals, and this is what the women’s march is screaming for?


Moreover, if it was a women’s march, why wasn’t it welcome to women who are “Pro-life?”

I get it: it was a woman’s march only if those women were zombie minded zealots for abortions.  “Reproductive Rights” were only important if the women supported the abortion issue.

That’s an agenda of a tyrannical kind—the very thing they accuse President Trump of.

I was raised by women—a beloved Matriarch and six sisters, five of them older than me.

I was raised by an alpha male Patriarch—I am an alpha male, myself.

I was raised, and have lived to confirm the fact that women are extremely valuable, intelligent, and can accomplish great things.

I have adoration, admiration, and respect for my beloved Mother and Father.  They have earned it.

I don’t always have the same feelings for my sisters and brothers, yet, I respect them, and never underestimate or undervalue them.

I maintain the same format of respect and value for women and men outside of my family—if and when they deserve it.

The US Citizens elected Donald Trump our President.

If he is a good president, he will set out to accomplish the promises he made that led to his election.  He will do so with the blessings of those People who voted for and elected him.

If he is a great president, he will accomplish some or all of the campaign promises he made.

The US People who voted for and elected Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States deserve the respect of all agenda driven political groups.

It is their wishes President Trump is carrying out.

They are not President Trump’s wishes and agenda, they are ours—the US People’s wishes and agenda.

Therefore, the women’s march was not against President Trump.

The women’s march was against the US People, and our Republic.

That is the truth.–politics.html

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Golden Record Echo into Eternity—The Magnificent Journeys of Voyager I and II

You were both created in 1977.

This year, your journeys will have spanned forty years.

Much was riding on your success.

Your missions were to bridge the gap between humanity’s painful ignorance of our solar system and the exultation of learning and discovering the evidence of our beginning.

Crafted to last, weighing roughly two-thousand pounds, you both have lost half of your power capacity in the 40 years of your expedition.

But this has not slowed you down.

Travelling between 35000 and 39000 miles per hour, you have reached the edge of our known planetary realms.

The heliosphere is behind you.

In August 2012, Voyager 1 made the historic entry into interstellar space, the region between stars, filled with material ejected by the death of nearby stars millions of years ago.

Data from Voyager 1 indicated that it had become the first human-made object to enter interstellar space, traveling “further than anyone, or anything, in history.”

If its present pace continues, in another 1,300 years it will reach the inner Oort Cloud.

From there, it will take voyager 1 another 30,000 years to move beyond our solar system.

How improbable that a machine of such modest capabilities could achieve such a magnificent feat.

It is said that around 2025 Voyager’s radioisotope thermoelectric generators will no longer be able to supply enough power to operate any of its scientific instruments, preventing any further exploration.

Will Voyager die then, I wonder?

What will be the machine explorers’ ultimate fate?

Voyager I and II, you are an inspiration to me, and to all others on earth who dream of discovering other worlds and exploring the universe.  Will you inspire other life forms some day?

I choose to believe your voyage will never end.  That your 773 kilograms of magnificence will continue to explore further and further into space.

I have faith that somehow you will overcome you power issue and, in some miraculous event, explore until your instruments break down and are no longer able to function.

In your belly was placed the Golden Record.

Far into space the masterpieces of Beethoven reverberate and echo into eternity.

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Son of Greatness—The Privilege and Honor of Being My Father’s Son and the Gifts He Bestowed Upon Me

Most of my life, I could not grow anything, or at least I never had the desire to.

Then Dad died.

I cannot say what occurred in my mind, but a few months after Dad stopped breathing an idea formed and refused to leave my mind.

It was an idea based on respect, fear, and love.

As I dug my fingers into the soil and planted the Maple into ground, I felt a newness I’d never known existed.  It was a calling from a distant place, an awakening of a forgotten endowment, a quickening of my spirit.

As a son of my Father, I am a possessor of innumerous gifts and abilities.  Many I rarely consider; uncountable others I never use.

My hands moved on their own, as if practiced for generations, only to be employed at the chosen time.

My Dad was like that—he could grow things, for sure.  But, when it became necessary, he could accomplish things other men could not.

This was the greatness of my Father—to be the leader of great objectives, to be the doer and accomplisher of impossible things, to be the protector of the weak and the vulnerable.

Somehow my father always had the answers.  And if he didn’t, he could dig and find the solution to any problem.

He’s been dead nearly eighteen years and I still remember his energy and Life’s force.  All of my life, I’ve lived in the shadow of a man so great that I never felt I could measure up.

Of all the things that people remember Dad for, it was his force and spirit for life that defined him.

It is how he lived that made him great.

Dad lived like forever.  He never got old; he just died one day.  He did the impossible so many times people came to expect it from him as an ordinary event.

Dad always stood for what was right.


Possessed with a photographic mind, my Father was a mathematical whiz.  His calculations were always precise, managing to raise nine children and provide them with everything they needed to survive.

With a kind heart, he adopted a homeless kid and raised him as his own.

With equal precision, he virtually taught himself to read two languages.

His perfect math captured Mom’s heart; to his last breath, he loved her for over 50 years.

I am the son of Carlos Lerma Bolado.  I come from an old bloodline that fears God, loves family and friends, and overcomes impossible obstacles to achieve great things.

Because I am a Bolado—I cannot quit.

I will never surrender my dreams.  I will dare to reach for greatness, and maintain my high standards.

I will love, to my last breath, the idea of true love.

And in the brightness of my unyielding hope—I will be great.

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Buon Natale–Childhood Christmas Memories and my Father

Dad’s life was hard from the start.  My Grandfather—Baltazar Bolado, I—was killed in the line of duty when Dad was just ten years old.  Having to learn quickly, my father—the oldest in the family—helped Grandma raise my uncles.

Providing for the family became priority.  Working long, hard hours became a norm early on in his life, and my father did not avoid his obligations.

By the time his own family came along, my father was accustomed to hard work.

Although life left him scarred, my father’s childlike spirit never died.  To his last breath, he lived to the fullest and provided his children with the same energy.

I can remember when I was a kid, how Dad always made Christmas such a big event.

Dad was a big kid.  Because he never truly had a childhood, he lived childhood through us, his children.

To get an idea what Christmas was like for me as a kid, think the super bowl.

The super bowl has taken on a life of its own in our culture.  At times, the activities surrounding the super bowl are bigger and better than the actual game.

That’s the way Christmas was for me growing up as a child.  The only difference was that the events leading up to Christmas and the actual day of Christmas were equal in quality, perfectly balanced between the anticipation and the experience of it.

Dad was great—he’d even leave the cookie crumbs and a few drinks of the milk so I could imagine Santa having a snack after dropping off my gifts.

Every kid should have a Dad like mine.

Every Christmas should be like the ones I experienced as a kid.

Merry Christmas, Dad.

I bet you have great Christmas mornings in heaven.

Give Mrs. Santa Claus a kiss and hug for me.


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